Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idaho State Music Festival/Honor's Recital

Saturday was the Idaho State Music Festival. Akayla and Corina have played in it for 6 years now both in piano and strings. Each student memorizes 2 pieces (per instrument), one is from a required list for the level they are in. They play for a judge who gives them a rating. I took 12 of my students, and Akayla, Corina and Adriana. This was Adri's first festival. All 3 of my kids recieved a superior rating (the highest) for both instruments. 9 of my students received superior and 3 received excellents (they weren't as prepared and they had a strict judge!). We had over 350 students at the festival this year. There are 12 judges and each one gets to pick 2 exceptional students to play in an honors recital held the following Monday. Akayla was chosen to play the violin last year so she couldn't be chosen again this year, but she was chosen for piano. We were thrilled to hear that Corina was chosen to play both instruments! They both played their pieces perfectly and it was pretty exciting to see them on that big stage. Dave and I both were impressed with Corina because she is super shy but she has grown up so much this year. If she had been chosen last year she wouldn't have done it! It's so fun for me as a parent and as their teacher for so many years to see the progress they have made. I remember sitting with them when they were tiny little girls and teaching them My Dog Spike (Hot Cross Buns) on the piano and twinkle twinkle on the violin and cello. Hooray!!

I know the pictures are horrible....but you get the idea! We were sitting way in the back because we had Corina's cello.

Good things:
Watching your kids perform well
Being able to play music
Knowing all those years of hard work are paying off


The Ridings said...

You have such a talented LITTLE family. That is so awesome.

Genelle said...

Akayla, Corina, and Adri: Congratulations on your stellar performances. It takes hours of practice to be able to perform at this level (I know from my own experiences as a pianist and a former teacher)! A second congrats to Akayla and Corina for earning the great privelege of playing in the honors recital. You're on your way to a wonderful musical life!!! Grandma Julie Johnson

Angela Ferrara said...

Mom, were you trying to disguise yourself as Genelle?!! That was really sweet. I had the girls read it. They loved it! Thanks.

Lisa said...

Wow -- amazing but somehow I'm not surprised! Would love to be at that honors recital. What a great night. Good luck girls!

Genelle said...

Ha Ha. Ang, I don't know why Mom is trying to take credit for MY well thought out response! Just kidding.
It sounds like those darn kids are becoming very talented after all. It must run in the family!

Corina: Congratulations on being able to play for the honors recital, that's quite an accomplishment!!!I'm sure you'll do fabulously. I wish I could be there to pat you on the back.
Akayla: Well, you don't get to play your violin for the recital.... you lucky! I'm glad you got another superior to add to your abundant collection.
Adri: Oh my goodness! All that practice pays off, eh? I'm so happy you got a superior! I can't beleive it was your first time! Hey, it must have been like dust on your shoulder, you're never nervous.
Compliments to all of you.