Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Sunday

We are trying something new this year. I read an article about putting the Savior back in Easter, so instead of having an Easter egg hunt and baskets of candy for Easter we are going to have a Spring celebration the Saturday after Easter. This way we can remember the true reason for Easter and not get distracted by the worlds way of celebrating. I know it is impossible for our kids to completely understand the atonement, but we feel like we can make it a really special day to remember Jesus Christ and all He did for us. A few years ago Dave prepared a day-by-day account of what exactly Jesus was doing this last week of His life. He uses it in His seminary classes. It has helped us think of Him more each day. I re-read the book "The Giver" by Lois Lowry and I started thinking about how the Savior loves each one of us because He experienced our life with us. He knows my potential and it must make Him sad when I fall short. It helped me understand the atonement a little better.


Good things:
Having the gospel to make me a better person
The atonement


Genelle said...

We should do this every year! Maybe, even at Christmas we could set aside the Christmas tree, presents, and stockings and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas... well, maybe a few presents.
P.S. I love "The Giver" It always makes me think. Such a good book.

Jenny-ology said...

This sounds like such a good idea! I haven't ever read the giver, but I'll have to!

Angela Ferrara said...

Genelle - Christmas celebrations seem more about the Savior to me. What do big bunnies,grass and candy have to do with Easter? That's why we're doing it all next week...........as a spring party instead! The kids can still get a sugar rush and an egg hunt.