Tuesday, March 18, 2008

State Clogging Competition

Friday and Saturday were the state clogging competitions at Idaho State University. Akayla and Adriana did great. They both got 1st place on their freestyles, solos, and all their team dances. That means they get to go to Regionals in Salt Lake next month and if they do well there they can go to Nationals which are in Florida or Salt Lake (Lagoon). In two years our team is going to try out for the worldwide competition at Disney World. Akayla dances at the champ level now which means she's really good. It is really fun to watch the teams at that level. I can't believe how fast their feet move. They are required to do certain steps at that level that are up on their toes and all this other stuff. It is really cool! Akayla loves it and will continue dancing until her feet fall off. Adriana on the other hand has decided gymnastics is her true love. She is going to finish up this season and then she's done. She's actually better at gymnastics (she just made it into the 4th level competition team),so it's probably a good decision. We don't need to spend money on practices and costumes for something that she doesn't really love to do.

Good things:
Going home after a long day
Supporting your kids
Fun talents


Genelle said...

Ooooh Ang, another year at Lagoon, eh? I'll start packing my sun block and flip flops and we'll be ready to go.

Akayla: Well, as if you weren't already perfect enough, here's another achievement! Looks like I'll be seeing you in a couple months for Regionals. Hooray! I'm so grateful to have YOU as my neice.

Adri: So you've decided to quit, huh? Can't say I blame you. I felt the same at your age, and that's why I quit. And look at me now!!! ....... Well, I've still got a ways to go, but you just keep on truckin' with your TRUE passion. Who knows? You could become a proffesional gymnast! YEAH!!! See you soon.

Jenny-ology said...

your kids are so talented!

Lisa said...

Wow Ang. Such talented kids! Congrats. I would love to see some video clips. I'm sure those competitions are awesome to see! Congrats girls!

Tamara said...

Congrats Akayla and Adrianna! I can't wait to see some video of them!
Hmmm - you're coming to Salt Lake for a competition next month - we'd LOVE to see you if you have time!