Tuesday, March 11, 2008


What I was doing 10 Years Ago: We lived in New Plymouth. I was 6 months pregnant with my 3rd baby - Tanner. I was teaching piano and violin lessons and playing in the community symphony. Not too different from today. I'm just a little older (a few more wrinkles - still no gray hairs) and I have a few more kids.

5 Things on my to-do list today: Only 5? Read scriptures, make bread, 3 loads of laundry, go to the gym, and get my Spring Music newsletters and the recital programs printed up.

Favorite snacks: lime chips with pico de gallo, a big juicy fuji apple, ice cream, homemade smoothies and popcorn

Things I would do if I had a million dollars: TRAVEL, Pay off my house, College and wedding savings accounts for each kid (it would probably be gone after all that!), Music scholarships for kids who want music lessons but can't afford it, Secret service for people we love that deserve nice things

3 of my bad habits: 1. I'm a popper....I don't just crack my hand knuckles I crack my entire body and I drive my husband crazy! 2. I also drop my clothes by my closet instead of hanging them right up. 3. I am really mean to myself and it's a bad habit to be in....

5 Places I have lived:
Hmmmm....Utah, Idaho............that's it! I lived in West Jordan until I went to college in Rexburg, ID. Dave and I lived in Provo, UT the first 3 years of marriage then moved to New Plymouth, ID and now Pocatello, Id.

5 jobs I've had: I was a sample lady at the grocery store. I think I got fired from that one because I ate too many of the samples (hee hee)! My senior year I worked at Sbarro Pizzeria and learned how to throw pizza crust in the air. When we were first married I worked at McGee's Stamp and Trophy - it was like an engraving place that made stamps and trophies too. I was their front desk secretary. Then I had a baby and I've been a homemaker ever since. I have my own business: Ferrara Music Studio. I teach piano, violin and viola lessons. Right now I have 22 students (if you count my own 4 kids that I'm teaching!), but I have had 40 students at times. It's a fun job!

5 things people don't (might not) know about me: I feel like my life is an open book, but....1. I am a counter and a typer. My kids and hubby have to tell me to stop it when they see my fingers wiggling away. I type in my mind everything I hear. This does make me a very fast typer though (try to beat 120 WPM!). I also count everything up to 14....it's weird, I know! 2. I can't stand having anything on my counter. Dave and the kids have just learned that not even a tiny crumb belongs there or it makes mom crazy! 3. I want to finish my music degree SOOOO bad! Someday..... 4. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the heater with a blanket and a good book! 5. I have never read the entire Bible from cover to cover. (Do you think I'll get in trouble for that someday?)

Now I tag: Tamara, Jen , Diena, Gina, and Ayrial.................go to it ladies!


Genelle said...

Well, why wasn't I asked to be tagged? Just kidding.
That's very interesting Ang, I didn't know you worked at Sbarro's! You must be a true Ferrara.

Jenny-ology said...

It is so fun to get to know people by random things they do or like.
120 WPM!!! wow. No wonder you teach three instruments that also require quick finger movement.
I love smoothies too!

Angela Ferrara said...

Genelle - I would have happily tagged you if you actually had a BLOG!! You know, my friend has a 9 year old with his own blog. I don't see why a 15 year old one can't do it too. It could be terribly funny! You would have a ton of great stuff to put on there. I'll talk to you about it later!

Lisa said...

Ang - it is so fun to get reacquainted! I loved hearing about everything!

JennAlba said...

Hey Ang- I just put my tag comments on my page (Jenn-March). Hey fellow Sbarro-er I worked at Sbarro at Fashion Place the summer before our junior year! I like to show off to my kids when we do home-made pizzas... :)