Sunday, April 6, 2008


Conference was so great this weekend! We have a tradition every conference to let the kids each choose a box of sugar cereal (the ONLY time they get it) and we eat it all through the first session each day. I had printed off tons of fun activities for my kids and put together these really fun file folders with Conference Bingo (and a baggie of skittles to go with it) and all kinds of other cute journal pages and pictures to color, etc. The kids were busy and attentive the whole weekend. It was so neat to be able to stand and sustain a new prophet. I especially enjoyed the talks today (Sunday). I was on the verge of tears several times today. I loved hearing from our new apostle, and I enjoyed Sister Tanner's talk so much! My favorite apostle is Elder Bednar. I always love his talks. It was also wonderful to hear from our prophet. The spirit testified to me that he was called by the Lord to lead the church at this time. The talk that I loved the most was Elder Ballard's. It just hit a nerve and made me feel so happy! What a blessing to hear from our leaders every 6 months! We record it on our DVR and Dave and I watch a talk before bed and discuss it. I'm excited to start tomorrow night!

Saturday night after Dave got home from the priesthood session we went to Applebees with our good friends, Jared and Heidi Neal. Heidi was one of my best friends from high school, and we both moved to Pocatello the same year without knowing it. We bumped into each other at our first stake conference here. We have really enjoyed getting to know the two of them and have had a lot of fun with them over the past few years. Often we will get together to "play games" but we end up talking and laughing the whole time. This time we really did eat but we did plenty of talking and laughing too!

Good things:
A living prophet
Sugar cereal overload
Forever friends
A relaxing weekend


Genelle said...

I agree, Conference was fabulous this year! I wish I had some conference Bingo, though!
I especially loved our "new" prophet's talk. He is so funny. When I come to visit, you'll probably have to put the baby manual out, and a note to Akayla that says: "Don't let Genelle touch the microwave...or stove...or dishwasher...or dryer...or..."
Anyway, Great conference! Tell Dave I said Good Luck on teaching this for Seminary.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your familiy and your blog. I read it every day. I hope to be as good a parent as you are someday.