Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This one is for Diena

New Kids on the Block!
I saw this new picture of these guys on my yahoo news and it brought back a flood of memories. It brought me back to my oldest daughter's age (12-13). Does anyone (besides me and Diena) remember these guys? WE WERE OBSESSED! Do you remember collecting every poster we could? Do you remember fighting over which one of us was going to marry Joey McIntyre? Do you remember crying when we listened to the song "Please don't go girl"? Do you remember sleeping out ALL NIGHT at Smithtix to get tickets to the concert? Do you remember winning the radio contest and getting free backstage passes to meet Jordan? Oh my gosh!!! We got to take a picture with Jordan Knight!!!!! Do you remember how fun the concert was? After the concert we were kind of New Kidsed out............but it was fun while it lasted!!! Joey McIntyre is still the cutest one, but I'm glad neither of us married him!! I added my 3 favorite New Kids songs to my playlist......just for a little while. It is definitely not my favorite music any more but it is fun to reminisce.

A little sidenote: I know I keep changing my background. I keep finding cute layouts that I want to use, so get used to it! I have always enjoyed change. I'm not one to keep my furniture, pictures, hair length, or anything else a certain way for very long. Just another thing some of you might not know about me!

Good things:
80's music
Growing out of pre-teen phases
Reminiscing with old friends


Genelle said...

Oh Ang... Those darn New kids! One of the best bands from the 80's/90's.

What a tangled web us teenagers weave! For me, it was all about Backstreet Boys:
Like ripping out every magazine article I could find on them and tacking them on my wall, or taping their live performances and hiding them where no one else could record over, or memorizing every word and dance move from their songs and presenting them in front of extended family (Embarassing, now that I think of it) Trying to save every penny for a BB T-shirt, Writing "I heart Brian" over and over again in my notebook.
Ok, so I wasn't nearly as obsessed with them as you were of the New Kids, but I was in third grade!

Ang, I like your changes, although I really liked your good things. Bring them back!
Great layout, too.
P.S. While I'm in the complimenting mood, I mights as well tell you that you have great songs as well. Another extension to your already plentiful playlist. The New Kids will always be with us in spirit.

Angela Ferrara said...

Oops! You're right....I forgot my good things!
You were obsessed with more than the Backstreet Boys if I remember right.........Sponge Bob comes to mind.
Do you like my New Kids additions? I even pulled out my imaginary microphone to sing along!

The Ridings said...

How Funny! My Sister sent me a link to their new fan club as a funny but I got the last laugh when I signed her up instead of me!

Carissa said...

Good memories... I loved the New Kids. I hear they are trying to make a come back. That should be interesting. Joey released a solo album a few years back. It was actually really good. While we were in Boston (where NKOTB are from) last year I noticed Joey was on several magazine covers. He is still quite popular there. I used to have all the New Kid's cd's, even their last one when they changed their name to NKOTB. I don't know what I did with them.

Gina Hallam said...

I remember NKOTB :) Those were the days :)

The Hulbert Family said...

Oh yeah new kids on the block. I have to admit that I am glad we came out of the 80's early 90's. I mean look at those clothes!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! They look way better now. Yeah some of my friends were way obsessed. Wow we must not be that far apart in age even though your husband was my seminary teacher. CRAZY!

Sarah said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

LOVED Them!!

Donnie all the way!!!!!


The good ole' days Ang....