Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Betty Spaghetti

I know this is a silly post, but I wanted my mom to see what I was talking about. I am the primary chorister, so I made this funny little thing for my primary kids to encourage them to sing! We are trying to learn the song "If the Savior stood beside me", so if they are really trying to sing I pull the yarn from the back of her head and it looks like she's slurping up her whole plate of "spaghetti"! It was a hit....except the yarn would knot up sometimes. Our primary president was saying it's just like cold spaghetti that gets into clumps.

Good things:
Doing silly things all for the sake of teaching children
The best calling in the world
Real pasta that isn't cold and clumpy!


Genelle said...

Ha Ha! That's great Ang. I'm glad I wasn't there, or else I'd be starving by the time Primary was over.

Carissa said...

Mom LOVES your Betty Spaghetti. She says that if she's ever a chorister again she wants to borrow it... We were also laughing that Genelle feels the need to comment on EVERY SINGLE BLOG. LOL! She's funny. Anywho, we love all your stories!

The Ridings said...

I love Betty Spaghetti! Since we live were the sun ALWAYS shines we do a thermometer and watch as they sing hotter and colder.

Gina Hallam said...

FUN FUN!!!!! I made one of "Eddie Spaghetti" for our ward when I was subbing :) The new chorister asked me if she could use it for her things :) The kids loved Eddie and I'm sure they love Betty. You're a great chorister :)

Lisa said...

Really cute idea, Ang! I'm sure you are the best choirister ever!