Saturday, April 26, 2008

Inside Garden

Since the weather is so cold here we planted our garden inside. It was quite a fun family home evening activity. Everyone helped. A few days later a few little green shoots were coming up. Then I went to Utah for the weekend. By the time I got home look at what I found! We are going to have the best garden this year! We definitely feel driven to grow lots of fresh veggies and fruit this year since food is so expensive! I will be canning lots of tomatoes, green beans and pickles to make it through the winter!
Good things:
Following the prophet's counsel
Not-so-green thumbs
Looking forward to fresh veggies in our backyard!


Carissa Johnson said...

That's awesome, Ang! I tell you what, there is nothing better than a warm tomatoe right from the garden! Yummy!

julie said...

I'm impressed with that nice indoor garden Angela. Seeing that picture makes me excited to plant our garden too...there's nothin' like home-grown food that you helped produce! Love, Mom

Genelle said...

Hmmmmm. I wish I could feel driven to do an indoor garden. It would probably die in 2 days, though. Let me know the progress of your garden as it grows.
You always did have a green thumb.

"She who plants a seed beneath the dirt, and waits to see it plant is a true beleiver of God."

Brandon Johnson said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of plants and a lot of great work! I guess it's about that time of year to get out and get dirty in the yard and garden, huh! It should be a nice garden you have.

Cox Family said...

Looks great Angela! I'm just impressed that you didn't give in and plant too early. Clay and I got spring fever early this year and all of our plants are getting huge. We really need to get them out, but it's still too cold!!