Tuesday, April 22, 2008

...of birthday parties and clogging competitions

This weekend Akayla and Adriana had a clogging competition at Taylorsville High School in Utah. It also happened to be both of their birthdays. We celebrated both birthdays by going to see the Spiderwick Chronicles and eating lots of yummy treats! We also went to Sweet Tomatoes with Grandma and Aunt Carissa. The girls both did very well at the competition. Of course I forgot my camera the first day when Adriana was dancing so I don't have anything of her, but I did take a little video of one of Akayla's dances. They both got a bunch of 1st places and got lots of ribbons and medals. We didn't stay around for the overall awards so we don't know how the team did, but this means they get to go to Nationals next month. Adriana is now 8 years old! Grandma made her a beautiful quilt. I'll post pictures of it later. She got scriptures in the cutest scripture bag and a gorgeous baptism dress. She also will be getting her ears pierced soon!

Akayla is officially a teenager!
This cute sign for Akayla's room took me about an hour to put together. It was a last minute idea that will be perfect for her room!

Akayla is the one at the front left of the screen (until they move).

It's not their best dance, but it is a fun one!

Good Things:

Growing Older (if you're young enough to still think so!)

Cupcakes with sprinkles

Living closer to family (wish it was even closer!)


Akayla said...

I love the pictures and video of myself! I look so good! Just kidding.

Carissa Johnson said...

Akayla really does look good. Jeez! It's not fair! I wish I knew what it was like to be attractive during MY teenage years. LOL!

The Ridings said...

Congrats!!!! Boy clogging has changed since my cousin did it. Very cute.

Genelle said...

...I noticed that you didn't put anything about ME in there!
Haha Just kidding.
Well, It was great having you here, Ang. I had a great time with all of you, and can't wait till May when we can hang out some more.
That is the cutest sign I've ever seen, Ang. You need to make me one. (Not about dancing, though.)

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

have you guys ever been to St. George for those competitions? We use to go all the time---so much fun..yes, I was a clogging nerd. A fact I am proud of

Genelle said...

Is it just me, or have you not updated in a long time? C'mon Ang, Step up!
By the way, did you steal some of my songs for your playlist? I don't mind, It's just nice to be useful.

Gina Hallam said...

Such georgeous girls :) Happy birthday Akayla :)