Saturday, April 12, 2008


It finally feels like spring today. Tanner, Adri, and a couple of Tanner's buddies have been outside playing basketball all morning. I'm so glad they can finally use the Christmas present we got them this year (the hoop). Notice the shorts and short sleeves! Hooray! Annalisa and Mariah have been out on the grass doing roundoffs and back handsprings. They were also riding their bikes up and down the street. I'm so glad we live on a dead-end!

The grass is still very brown and I see only dead things around me, but if the sun can stay for awhile things will start to get green and pretty again.

I really needed that today. I woke up feeling depressed and grumpy. After we cleaned the house I had to teach some piano lessons (Yep, I even teach on Saturday). I was still a little grumpy until I went outside. Now I'm happy and looking forward to doing some yardwork and spending some fun time with my family. That's the way a Saturday should feel!

After a great day outside we came back in to realize that Adriana and Annalisa have quite a sunburn. Poor kids! We forgot what happens when the sun comes's been so long!

Good Things:
Sunshine after a long and dreary winter
Bikes, Basketball Hoops and Friends

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Genelle said...

Well, join to the club! I mean, I have been counting down the days till spring since the first day of Winter!!!!! I feel like running up a hill and singing "The hills are alive with the sound of music!"
When I was in San Diego, I saw all kinds of birds of paradise, and all the grass was glowing green, lots of sun, all kinds of beauty around me, and I'm like Crap! I have to go back to Cold, wilted UTAH!
I'm so happy that it's changing!
Happy Spring!