Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day

I've heard it said that motherhood is the hardest job you'll ever love. I love that we have one day each year to celebrate and honor our mothers. I never truly appreciated my mother or knew how much she loved me until I had my own kids. As they grow older and as my family grows so do the challenges, and I am so grateful for my mom. I count her as one of the best friends I've ever had. I thought of 65 things I love about my mom (it was originally 50, but I kept thinking of things - I'm sure I could keep thinking of lots more but it will take too long to type up!). Some of the things she may think are negative sounding or silly, but it's the "normal" things about people that endear them to us.1. she loves to make quilts
2. she loves to make a big meal on Sunday for anyone that can come over and doesn’t complain that they come, they eat, and they leave!
3. she loves green bananas, green apples and hard nectarines
4. she is a candy lover
5. she gets so nervous when dad drives – “slow down Gary!”
6. she has a fun sense of humor
7. she always helped us with school projects we hadn’t finished even if it meant she wouldn’t get much sleep that night
8. she loves to read
9. she has skinny legs – people called her Twiggy when she was younger
10. she always came to my symphony concerts – and truly enjoyed them
11. she hordes fabric
12. she is really good at the organ – a difficult instrument
13. she can fix everything with a sewing machine
14. I can call her whenever I need advice, someone to vent to, or just someone who understands
15. she is a worry -wart
16. she wears glasses
17. we know when she’s thinking about something because she stares off into space (sometimes she'll even talk to herself)
18. she pops her gum
19. she was always willing to iron our clothes for us20. she loves eating healthy and creating healthy meals
21. she taught piano lessons for many years and was my first piano teacher
22. she helped all her boys get the eagle scout award
23. she is very creative
24. she finishes her projects
25. she has done many hours of service through the Humanitarian Aid Center
26. she is still very supportive of her children
27. she gets stage fright – she doesn’t like to speak in front of others
28. she is best friends with her sisters
29. she loves finding a good deal and can’t pass it up
30. she makes baby quilts for her niece’s babies
31. she read to me as a child
32. she has sewn all my girl’s blessing dresses
33. she gets distracted while she drives
34. she loves to look at quilt shops
35. she has gone back to school to finish her degree
36. she loves classical music
37. she was a Bishop’s wife with 6 children (4 young boys)
38. she is getting straight A’s in college
39. she is a dedicated visiting teacher
40. she is always up for a good laugh
41. she gives a good silent treatment when she’s mad
42. she is a peacemaker
43. she is a hard worker – I remember her being very pregnant & cleaning houses to earn a little extra money
44. she helped me sew my first quilt
45. she is always looking to improve herself
46. she hums harmony ALL the time
47. she has always shown love and support to her husband
48. she is ambidextrous, but primarily left-handed
49. she thinks up creative activities for the grandkids to do when we come for a visit 50. she loves having her hair combed and getting makeovers
51. she plays the flute
52. she always waited on the couch for me to come home and stayed up to hear all the details of my evening
53. she is very generous with me and everyone else
54. she loves babies
55. she is happy and optimistic
56. she is kind to everyone
57. she is a night person
58. she always makes me feel important
59. she gives 100% in her callings
60. she taught me how to clean
61. even when she has plenty of money she will shop at discount stores – she’s not proud
62. she can laugh at herself
63. she isn't good at math but she works at it anyway
64. she gets excited about simple things
65. she is beautiful

Happy Mothers Day!

Good things:


My hubby and kids making me breakfast

Bishopric meeting being cancelled

Getting to church early because Dave could help get kids ready


julie said...

That was the best mother's day gift I could have received. How do I copy it for my book? Thanks, Ang. I hope you know how much I love you, Dave, and your children, and I hope you receive such a wonderful gift from your kids after they are grown! Love ya, Mom

julie said...

P.S. - You are a fantastic mom to my grandchildren. They are so lucky to have you. Thanks for your great example of motherhood to others. Love, mom

Genelle said...

We are so lucky to have a Mom such as this. She may have be a surburban Mom, but she treated all her children equally. We love you MOM!
"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done."
It's true, Mom can never relax when she's thinking about us. The joys of being a mother.
"A person loves their sweetheart the most, their spouse the best, and their mother the longest..."
Don't you love all my inspirational messages?
Here's one more:
"Immature love says: I love you because I need you.
Mature love says: I need you because I love you."
You certainly deserve a day off, Ang.
Happy Mother's day!

Tamara said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet mother.
Your children are also blessed to have the best mother ever!!
Hope you had a wonderful day! :o)

Carissa Johnson said...

That's so good, Ang. It reminded me of all the things I appreciate about mom. You made her day!

Cox Family said...

That was so sweet! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day:-)