Monday, June 2, 2008

the case of the missing shoe.........

I am a sucker for shoes. I think it's because 1. There are so many cute shoes out there, and 2. I have such big feet I can't wear a lot of them so I love them even more! I love to buy my baby girls shoes best of all. I think it's so stinkin' darling to see a baby in cute little shoes. The biggest problem that I have is that we always end up losing one of them. I don't know how or why but only one ends up in the great abyss of lost shoes. It's so sad because I will hold onto the one shoe that I have left hoping the other one will show up, but in 13 years of having daughters the other shoes never have shown up again. Wouldn't it be great to someday have the vision to be able to see where all those (dad-gum) shoes went?!!!! I WOULD ESPECIALLY LIKE TO KNOW WHERE THE SHOE IS THAT WENT MISSING TODAY.........I JUST BOUGHT IT ON SATURDAY!!! I did buy it on clearance..........but I still want it! If you happen to find the other one -- send it my way. I promise I'll still have its match (along with hundreds of other mismatched shoes!).
good things:
flip flops are cheap?
there's plenty of other cute shoes out there
my baby wearing cute little shoes!


The Ridings said...

It is not only the girls in our home it is everyone but Adam. Who knows? We call it our black hole!

Genelle said...

Crap! You discovered me! I stole their shoes!
Ha Ha! Ang, I'm sorry about your missing shoes. I have the same problem! I can never find the match of the shoes I want to wear, so I have to wear a different pair, and then the match miraculously appears the next day. It's so frustrating.
Anyway, about the shoes... I guess I'll just have to bring them up there, right?

Gina Hallam said...

I love shoes too :) Can I buy your girls some shoes, since I don't have any girls to buy shoes for? lol... I always get sad when I see such cute little girl shoes or dresses :) Little girl anything is always sad, but if I had someone to buy them for, GREAT :)

Carissa Johnson said...

That's funny. Usually it is one sock that goes missing... It is more understandable to lose a sock but to lose a whole SHOE! That's crazy. Thank goodness you found it on clearance.

Tamara said...

Yes - shoes are always disappearing at our house - as well as socks (but shoes are a lot more expensive to replace!)

I love little girl shoes too and still gush over them at the store and wish I had some tiny toes at home to put them on. :o)