Saturday, July 5, 2008

June 30

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Monday. Because Dave's sister Beth (from Illinois), Tom and kids were here we didn't go anywhere special, but we did have a family home evening about temple marriage and we all watched our wedding video. Our kids loved seeing us so young. It was actually surprising to see how much we've grown up in the past few years. Pause the music and take a look. It's about 8 minutes - but it's fun to watch! We laughed when we realized some of the things we've done together in 14 years:

14 years = 168 months

63 months pregnant + 78 months nursing = 141 months total

We have gone on a date almost every Friday for the past 14 years = 700 dates (give or take a couple!)

3 houses, 3 different towns, great friends, arguments and making up, lots of remodeling, broken down cars, several broken bones, thousands of dollars spent or wasted? , millions of hugs and kisses, and gazillions of wonderful memories!

good things:

being sealed for eternity to the man of your dreams

having a best friend all the time

getting 14 long stemmed red roses to brighten the kitchen table


Cox Family said...

How fun! I didn't realize we had the same anniversary.

julie said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you get to celebrate when Beth and Tom are gone. I'm sure you've had a great time having them and their children visit you. It was fun to hear how many months you've been either pregnant or nursing in comparison to the number of months married. Wow...that's a lot of hormonal months! M.

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary!
You both look way to young to be married for 14 years and have 7 kids.

The Ridings said...

Congrats! You looked so young but I guess so did I!

Genelle said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment, but obviously I've been on vacation, and I had to get off the computer earlier today.
But... that is such a beautiful video. I loved the songs. It's hard to believe you've been married for 14 years! It certainly doesn't show. Look at you, you hottie!

Linda Gibbs said...

The pictures are so sweet! I may have to do something like that. We have been married for 16 and 1/2. I will have to search and blow some dust off the pictures!

Tamara said...

Happy Anniversary you two - I remember your beautiful sealing 14 years ago. :o)
How fun to watch you wedding video, great picts of you two growing up too.
What beautiful bride!

Ayrial Johnson said...

Congrats you two! I don't know if Brandon and I tell you enough, but your marriage/family has always been such a great example for us. We love you guys! (Speaking of marriage, my sis. Sam just got engaged to great returned missionary.)

Gina Hallam said...

We loved your video :) Tim said he wants a do over on our wedding ;) We were blessed that my parents had the duplicates of our pictures as everything else was lost in the fire :( Thank goodness for duplicates :) I didn't realize that we had the same anniversary month :) YAY!!!!! June brides are AWESOME!!!!!!

Carissa Johnson said...

I'm so glad you got that wedding video. I think everyone should get one. I remember what an exciting day that was... crazy, but exciting.

Lisa said...

Ang, that is so cute. I remember some of those college pictures -- maybe I even took them! Happy Anniversary.