Friday, May 22, 2009

happy ending

This is the ride Wicked at lagoon. I never thought I would go on it. Adriana was my buddy for the day and she is a little daredevil. Once we were in line I couldn't back out or I'd look like a big baby. I screamed the entire ride, but when it was over I realized how fun it was. I went on the ride 3 times. It was my favorite ride of the day!

The bad thing was that the ride sucks you up that hill so fast that my phone was sucked right out of my pocket. We don't have home phones any more, so my cell phone is my lifeline. I went to the lost and found several times and they didn't find it. In fact, there were about 20 other phones that had been sucked out of people's pockets, but not mine. Another phone would be $250 --something we just don't have right now. Bummer.

Today Lagoon called my mom from my phone to tell her to come pick up my phone! Hooray for me! Now I don't have to share phones with Corina. She will be very happy! Now I get to return all those phone calls and texts I missed this week!!!

good things:
saving money
Adriana talking me into the scary rides
my kids are out of school today


Megan Jo Eddie said...

HOW FUN! we're going next Saturday with some friends and we're so excited. I'll make sure to ride that ride. I can just see you screaming and so scared, then hopping right back in line. You crack me up. so glad you found your phone. what a relief.

Ang said...

Megan --Just remember to not put your cell phone in your pocket when you go!! Have a blast you cute thing and we'll have to talk about it when you get back!

Miller Family said...

We went to Lagoon last weekend also for clogging and we say Akayla's name on the award lists. Ky tried to find her but Lagoon is so huge so she didn't get to see get but we all had a fun time. Ky's phone almost fell out on one of the roller coasters too! ~Debra

Sarah said...

I'm so glad you found you phone.

Greg, Erika and Julia said...

I could NEVER do that! I like both feet to be firmly planted on the ground. More power to ya!

Carissa J said...

I haven't been on Wicked, yet. I haven't been to Lagoon since that ride opened but it looks fun. I'm glad you got your phone back. That would have really sucked!