Thursday, November 19, 2009


October was a CRAZY month but so many great things happened that I'm going to do a quick review....

Uncle Foster came home from his mission in Tennessee. Foster is my youngest brother and he is such a great guy! We were so lucky that we got to be there right when he came off the plane. I've never gotten to be there when any of my siblings came home, so it was really fun! Foster was a little embarrassed and everyone was teasing him because he gained a bunch of weight on his mission (what do you expect in Tennessee?!!!!), but he's already lost a bunch and we know he'll be his same-old-self in no time.

Ferrara family (minus Dave and Akayla) with Foster!!

The whole group - somehow I managed to miss this one because Elli had a little accident and we had to run to the bathroom. I think Adri was taking the pictures!

(l-r) Corina, Tanner and Mariah,

Brandon, Ayrial and Lexi

Evan, Erin and friend Corey

Foster, mom and dad

Genelle, Carissa and Amora

patient kids waiting for a late plane at the airport

Adriana got citizen of the month. This is a huge honor at our school and the winners even get to go out to lunch with the principal. Only one person per grade is chosen. I was not surprised at all that Adri won. She is one of the sweetest, happiest, kindest, most easy-going, most helpful, most obedient, and most fun kids around! She was the first one chosen in her class this year and the teacher told me she is one of her best students.

Adriana and our principal Mr. Lovestedt

I am the PTO Vice President and since I'm having a baby in February all of my big assignments are in the Fall. I got to be in charge of our school's FALL CARNIVAL this year. I enjoy being in charge of things, but I like it even more when I have a good committee. Unfortunately I had a lot of people who didn't follow through so I did most of the work myself. I have some great friends that I picked on to take care of certain things because I knew I could count on them (thanks Megan!). It turned out great and I'm already committed for next year. My favorite part was a spook alley called Haunted Hallway. I already have more ideas for next time! My whole family helped set things up and they were rather neglected for a couple weeks. I didn't even have time that night to get them in their costumes or help them play the games at the carnival. Oh well, they had fun and they felt pretty important that their mom was in charge!

Adri - the hippy

Mariah- the queen

Annalisa- the maid
So much stress really wore me down though and I crashed as soon as I got home and stayed in bed for several days after. I kindof slept through Halloween so I didn't take any other pictures of kids dressed up. I was lucky someone else took these pictures of the girls at the carnival.
October was a great month!!
good things:
The Ghost & Mr. Chicken
caramel apples


Jeron & Brook said...

I CANNOT believe Foster is home from a mission! I guess I'm still trying to make hime that cute little guy that would follow us around! How fun that you guys got to be there!

Kaylyn said...

That's exciting that you got your little brother home! And that you could be there to see him get off the plane. He looks great! I can see the family resemblance.
You are a super busy lady. How do you find the time? Honestly! A school carnival? That is huge! I am glad that it is over. Now a little rest and then holidays and then a new baby! Exciting times ahead for your family!

Erin said...

What a fun month you had with lots to do! I always like times like that! It's fun to be busy...makes you think a little less about all the not so cool stuff. You are one awesome gal!!!!

Megan Jo Eddie said...

I really didn't help that much! But I loved doing it. I'll help you again next year. You always do such fun things and make it all come together and look AMAZING! You inspire me.

Heidi said...

Tell Adriana congrats. She is such a sweet girl! It doesn't surprise me either that she was chosen as student of the month.