Friday, January 22, 2010

Best. Present. Ever.

Last year Tanner got some laser tag guns. Tanner has loved them and has used them a lot around the house - you know, torturing his sisters and playing with friends.

Only a few months ago Dave brought Tanner and his 2 brothers over to the church to play laser tag. They had so much fun Dave wanted our whole family to go and play.

Dave decided we needed more guns so the whole family could go. So, one of our family Christmas gifts this year was 4 more laser tag guns. Now we have 8.

During our break we all went to the church to play laser tag. I cannot even tell you how much fun we all had.

We also brought some of our other gifts - jump ropes, soccer balls, and remote control cars.

We definitely need to go again soon!

Last Saturday Dave and I invited 2 of our good couple friends to play laser tag. It was HILARIOUS!! It was totally dark and creepy. We mostly played girls against boys. Of course the boys mostly won, but we were still awesome! There was a time that I was hiding and suddenly Dave came out of a door and shot me. I screamed like a little girl and wet my pants (kind of). We were laughing so hard! We brought turtle bars and the other 2 couples brought chips and salsa. We sat around talking and eating after playing several games. It was so great to get out with our friends. I'm so regretting not bringing my camera. Love ya Lane, Serena, Jared and Lindsay!! We should totally go again soon.....maybe it will help me have my baby early!

good things:
the church gym
ganging up on dad and finally beating him
gifts that mom & dad can borrow
great friends!


Marley Family said...

That was so much fun!!! I say we must go again before you have the baby! I totally peed my pants too. No lie I really peed a little when we were laughing. Ha so fun!

Anna Crowe said...

Will you please adopt me? With eight, surely no one would notice with one more "Anna." And I'd earn my keep! (I make good bread.)

My heart just warms thinking about you raising a faithful, righteous family. May Heavenly Father continue to pour out blessings upon you! :D

Linda and Lane said...

It's fun to catch up on your family! They have all grow so much! It sounds like you had a great time!

Heidi said...

That sounds like so much fun. Maybe that should be our next purchase - it will help Daniel hold off on his desire for a Wii just a little longer. Plus I won't be finding nerf darts all over the house!

Amy said...

That sounds like so much fun call the Saville's next time.

Erin said...

That does sound like tons of fun!

Bingham Family said...

What a great idea! I love lazer tag!!!!

MamaBug said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. I think I'm gonna put some laser tag guns on my wish list.