Monday, January 18, 2010

a new year

We always welcome our new year in with the Ferrara family tradition of fonduing. It's the night we look forward to all year.

Dave's brothers, Jim and Matt came with Jim's wife Amber and baby Jacob. Matt also brought a friend from BYU-I to celebrate with us.

We ate like pigs and then we crashed all over. Several people went down to play wii. Akayla had gone to the youth dance so I went to pick her up. She had a great time playing with her friends. They had lots of fun activities for the kids to do, and she only ate one piece of pizza so she could come home and have some yummy fondue.

The best part about fondue is the dessert. My chocolate recipe is to die for......... and you dip bananas, strawberries, angel food cake, mandarin oranges, pineapple, and anything else you may fancy. We always buy double so we can have it New Years day also.

a few thoughts this year:

-2010- This year I am pregnant with Leandra (8th baby - due Valentines Day). I feel so incredibly blessed to be spending every day with my best friends.

-2000- 10 years ago New Years Eve I was pregnant with Adri (4th baby -- she was due in April) and it was the year of the big Y2K scare. We lived in New Plymouth, Idaho. It was funny that all the food storage items everywhere were totally out of stock. People were panicking thinking this was what the prophets had been preparing us for and they weren't ready. How sad that they would wait until a big scare to get a 72 hour kit or start their food storage. Nothing happened obviously and life went on normally. It did make me see again how important it is to be spiritually prepared when it's not an emergency.

- 1995- 15 years ago New Years Eve I was pregnant with Akayla (see a pattern?!! 1st baby -- she was also due in April). We had only been married 6 months. We lived in Provo, Utah. We had our very first fondue party and invited our 2 best couple friends. Both couples lived just a few houses away in different directions. We did a lot of things with both couples. Both had been married a little longer than us, and we had a lot of fun with them. Just a few years later both of those couples were divorced. It made us very sad, and it also made us realize how precious our relationship is. It opened our eyes to see what selfishness and pride do to a marriage. There's no place for either of them.

-1990- 20 years ago New Years Eve I was a freshman in High School (my oldest daughter's age). I was dreaming of the man I would someday marry and the family I would someday have. I had some friends who weren't very great influences on me and I was doing some things I didn't feel good about. I didn't feel very good about myself either. I made a new year's resolution that year to prepare to receive my patriarchal blessing. I felt that I needed to build my testimony and strengthen my faith. I started writing every evening in my journal the feelings I had as I read my scriptures and prayed. Receiving my patriarchal blessing was a huge turning point in my life. That summer at girl's camp I had one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. That choice I made on New Year's Eve has affected my life today.

20 years ago New Years Eve Dave was at Ricks College. He didn't plan to go to Ricks, in fact he had never heard about it. He grew up in Illinois. His bishop told him he felt that he should go to Ricks College in Idaho. So Dave went. He prepared to go on a mission in the fall. I know he was having lots of experiences that were preparing him.

good things:
pregnant on New Years so I can eat like a pig and not worry about gaining weight

looking back

another year to be with my family

another year to be better


Heidi said...

I'd have to agree that your chocolate fondue recipe is the best! Thanks for sharing it with me. I can't believe we've known each other for 20 years! I enjoyed reading about your New Years Eve "milestones." Life sure has changed so much since the high school days.

Jeron & Brook said...

Hey, you had some good friends too, right?! J/K! I love looking at your wonderful family and seeing it is turning into just what you always wanted! Thanks for always being a good example to those around you! Love ya! =)

Erin said...

Wow, your fondue looks delicious! I have never cooked or had fondue. I'll have to figure out how to do that. I think my kids would love it! I like reading about your new years past. Great post!

Ang said... remember me that year. I was pretty stupid! There were a lot of stupid friends that year. I loved you though - you were always the best friend!

Linda and Lane said...

Just found a link to your blog! Totally cute! We love our founue tradition on New Years Eve too! As the older kids have other parties to go to as well, we can always count on them being there for the fondue and silly string at mid night! Good times, great memories! Love it! --Linda

MamaBug said...

Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!