Sunday, January 17, 2010


*so grateful today that my husband is a handyman

*so grateful today that my parents gave us $ for Christmas so my handyman husband could buy THE very expensive part for my broken dishwasher

*so grateful today that after 3 months of washing HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of dishes by handyman husband has finally gotten my dishwasher up and running again


good things:
hearing a machine do the work you would normally be doing

kids doing their Saturday chores happily

my ipod touch from Christmas playing all my favorite music through my house


Aaron said...

that must have been hard our dryer was messed up so my mom had to go to the laundromat to dry our clothes then they went to Boise to get a newer quiet one the other one kept "eating" the clothes and it squeaked and it was annoying

Marley Family said...

Love dish washers!!!

Erin said...

That would be heavenly! I'm so glad you have a dishwasher again!