Saturday, February 6, 2010

thoughts about birth

A lot of people have asked why I'm going to Utah or a birthing center to have a baby.....

My first 3 babies were born in the hospital. My first baby was 9 lbs. 8 oz. and she was only a couple days late. I had a lot of frustrations when I had her - the doctor, the nurses, the epidural....I hated it!

Since my first was so big they decided to induce the next 2. I had an epidural with baby #2. I hated it and the hospital experience. I had an intra-thecal with #3. I hated it the didn't take any pain away and I was itchy EVERYWHERE!!! My doctor made a couple of interesting comments..... I had no pain medication and I was strapped down to a bed and really struggling pushing the baby out. I was telling him I felt like I needed to be upright to push and he said "well, it's easier for me this way". Then at the end of it all he said something about it being a good thing I had relatively easy deliveries. In other words I was a big baby. I hate arrogant doctors that have never given birth themselves but can say mean things to women experiencing it.

I don't normally like to say hate but that's how I feel about my first 3 labor and deliveries, besides the fact that I did not like having nurses who didn't know me at all coming and bugging me when I had just fallen asleep - pushing on my tummy and the like. I did not like the sterile ugly environment of a hospital.

So, with the next baby I tried the birthing center that was only about 40 minutes from where we lived.

Totally different experience. Beautiful room. Queen size bed with a beautiful, soft down comforter. A loving, caring midwife who stayed with me the entire time. I was never strapped down to a bed or any iv's or ANYTHING. I felt so empowered having my babies naturally. I had the next 3 babies there and I especially loved having water births.

When we moved to Pocatello there was no birthing center anywhere near. There's one they call a birthing center but it's really just a building where women birth right next to the hospital. It's exactly what I want to avoid. I found a birthing center in Holladay, Utah with a midwife that I love even more than anyone I've ever gone to. I had my last baby there and it was the best experience yet! Becky has a way of making me feel calm and in control like noone else. She is AWESOME!

One reason I'm not afraid to drive 2 1/2 hours to have a baby is that I have been induced with every baby. At the birthing center they do not use pitossin. They put a little homeopathic pill in my mouth until my labor starts. When I start having heavy contractions I get in the big jetted tub and it eases a lot of the pain away. When the baby comes they pull her out of the water and put her on me. She's perfectly clean and alert.

It's actually fun to go to my appointments in Utah because my mama's there and we always have lunch and go shopping before I go home again.

I won't have to go to any more appointments though...I'm getting started a week from today. So, I guess she won't have her birthday on Valentines Day!

Dave at the birthing center with Elli right after she was born

good things:
jetted tubs
birthing centers
Becky (my midwife)
clean babies


Aaron said...

thats awesome that your baby is due the 14th sweet oh and the post about Jasmine was posted like a week before i asked her out and wellllllll......... she said yes we are very careful we are NEVER alone wich is good so we dont get in trouble. thanx for the comment wish you luck and kit

Jeron & Brook said...

It is soooo... important to find a situation you are comfortable with, whatever that might be! I am glad you have found what you need! Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!

disillusioned said...

I've never had a baby--but I LOVE midwives--and quite like birthing centers. Although--some hospitals are much better than others--and some dr's are much better than others--I still WAY prefer midwives!!!!

Mary P.

Marley Family said...

How exciting!!! Call me when you have that baby!

Erin said...

that sounds so awesome. I have always hated being induced (all 5 and soon to be 6) with the pitocin and all that stuff. I hate the IV's and all that stuff you talked about. I wish I had known about this sooner b/c I would've changed course. Maybe if there are anymore babies coming our way I'll have to look into that b/c it really does sound like a wonderful way to go! Thanks for sharing Angela and I hope all goes well.

MamaBug said...

Good for you! I wish you could pick and choose a bit more with hospital experiences. I love my doctor...I don't like drops in the baby's eyes, etc. I totally support your choice. :D

Heidi said...

The jetted tub and homeopathic pill sound so nice. I'd like to figure out where I could get one of those pills a day or 2 before my due date:) so I could avoid another exhausting middle of the night labor experience. A natural pill sounds much better then having them poke me a ton of times to find the vein. Good luck with everything and enjoy your big break from piano:)

Amy said...

Angela I loved reading your post. Anyway I'm so excited for you. Your post about your happiness with bringing your little angels into the world choked me up.I'm somewhat emotional lately don't know why? Good luck and if you didn't get my email then remember to call me for absolutely anything.

Meikjn said...

I had some pretty bad experience both times. I think sometimes too many people are involved that I just don't want there. I actually have liked doctors better than the midwife I had. she ignored me completely every appointment, and did not even deliver the baby. here is to better luck next month. congrats on another pretty girl. I find the little extras irresistible too.

Audrey said...

I've always wondered how the birthing centers worked. Thanks for posting this. Not that I'm having a baby anytime soon but it's a nice option to have.

JAMIE said...

Because Of my high risk diabetic status, I really don't have a choice...I have to do a hospital....and I feel a little safer because of that.

Your first was over nine pounds? Did you have gestational diabetes or something? cause that is usually the reason for big babies.

This last little one was 2 weeks early and she weighed 9 pounds...good times.

I know what you mean about hospitals and some of the docs. My first child and first doc were the WORST experience ever. I was in so much pain and instead of explaining and helping, my doc said he never heard anyone complain so much. If he would have actually listened to me, I wouldn't \have ended up in the ER for a week and hospital an extra week on that...

I think it depends on the hospital, doc and nurses. This time around was opposite. I delivered at a small hospital ( which I was nervous about , but it was amazing). The doc was incredible, nurses amazing. I even got a "spa " treatment" right at the hospital.

The bed they moved me too was the most comfortable bed ever. Sounded like your birhting center. I think it was more likable cause it was a small hospital...They can give different kind of care.

Again, if I had the option to not have an epideral and what not, I would go for it..but they have to be prepped for struggles with me. I am glad you get to have the experience that suits you and makes you happy without complications--jealous. Excited for your new one to be here soon. Want to here details and see tons of pics!!

Greg, Erika and Julia said...

I had a nurse-midwife who delivered at the hospital. It was WONDERFUL. They came as soon as I was dialated to a 5 and stayed until she was out (like 20 hours later). They let me get in the jacuzzi more than once and made certain that I was up and walking around whenever I wanted. I must admit the whole hospital experience was aweful. The pittosin was aweful and some of the nurses not so great. But I had a wonderful midwife (two actually) and one really good nurse so it was alright in the end.
Do you still not go into labor by yourself? I remember you telling me you never went into labor by yourself. I WANTED to so BADLy but 8 days later when I wasn't effaced or dialated or anything here came the pittosin. What is the name of the homeopathic they give you? I would so LOVE to try that instead!

Lisa said...

Ang, I'm so excited for you! Good luck with everything!! Newborns are the best.

Andrea said...

You can do it! Babies are the best presents I've ever received!