Wednesday, February 3, 2010

love month

In honor of February.....

What I'm loving right now:

*the leftover piece of Better than _ _ _ cake we had when our friends came over for FHE

*my ipod touch from Christmas --- SO FUN!! Especially since I can have movies on there to listen to when I drive to Utah for my appointments!

* the Percy Jackson series..... Adri brought it home from school and wanted me to read it.

We totally love it and can't wait to see the movie!

*making and stocking up on lots of flowers, bows, baby headbands, newborn sleepers, bibs, burp pads, blankets, girlie tights, newborn dresses & outfits, and of course newborn shoes (my hubby thinks I'm crazy because they don't need them.....I think they're cute and irresistible!) I can't wait!!!

*two happy teenage daughters who are getting along and being very helpful at the end of my pregnancy. I'm so lucky to have older daughters this time around!

*I love this guy! I'm so blessed to have a husband who is so supportive and good to me. He always puts me first and looks for ways to serve me. I have always felt adored by him, even when I don't deserve it. I hate that we had to take our family pictures when I was big and pregnant already, but I know my husband thinks I'm beautiful anyway!

good things:
I'm having a baby next week

I don't have to play the organ in church for 2 months

Next week is my last week of teaching piano/violin/viola lessons for 6 weeks


Kaylyn said...

You made my mouth water with that cake! That Better than _ _ _ cake is the best! I better read the Lightning Thief! Thanks for recommendation! You are very blessed to have a husband that is in love with you. Always be thankful for that! Great Post!!! I am excited for you to have your baby! I can't wait to see pictures!

Jeron & Brook said...

So exciting! Do you have a date? Can't wait to see pictures!

Hollie Rae. said...

So excited for you guys too! Is your doctor in Utah?

Erin said...

What an awesome post Angela! You always seem to have such a good attitude and I think you look beautiful even you think otherwise!

jjkingsbury said...

Those are all awesome things!! I loved having older children with Ava it has been so nice!!

Megan Jo Eddie said...

Can't wait to see this little peanut! She'll be beautiful like all the rest of your kiddos. Good luck!

Aaron said...

wow thats allot of love for one month me i dont like Feb much especially The 14th if you want to know more check out my new post its grrrrrrrreat but not as good as yours you all have influenced me allot and i cant thank you all enough for being in my life and for your wonderful friend ship it has helped me in my choices you all are a great fam to be friends with... have a very good valentines day

The Checks Mix said...

Angela, this is Kelly, Charity's husband. She and i have a little wager going on. She says Dave served his mission in Italy but i didn't think so. Can you enlighten us.