Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anna Banana

Annalisa turned 8 last Sunday.

We celebrated our sweetie's birth with a rainbow cake (her choice - so much like her personality) and a wii party with just our family. MarioKart is a blast with 8 people. Anna and mom came in 11th and 12th place every game........but we had just as much fun as everybody else!

She kept saying she still felt only 7. When I looked at the picture I took of her I thought she looked 8 and I was shocked....what a difference a day makes!!!

Our traditional 8 year old presents:
scripture bag
ears pierced (girls only)
and a lovely white baptism dress

On Monday I picked Anna up from school and we went straight to Claires to get her ears pierced.

It hurt a little more than Anna thought it would - but her birthstone looks so pretty on her cute little ears!

good things:

birthday cake with lots of candy on it
a much-anticipated milestone (ears pierced)
growing up


Erin said...

Ears pierced...sweetness! My Ana asked a couple of times and then hasn't asked again. Her earrings look so darn cute on her!

Tamara said...

What a fun rainbow cake!! Happy Birthday and congrats in the pierced ears - so exciting! :o)

Aaron said...

ok no way she is 8 wow now i feel old its like just yesterday that she told you and my mom that she and dallin were getting married they were like 3 then