Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The week before I had Leandra I had a recital for all of my students at the Piano Gallery in Pocatello. Adri and Corina played also since they are 2 of my students. I had 25 students play and we still kept it under an hour!

I was impressed with most of my students. They were polished and performed well. Some were not as prepared as others, but hopefully next time they will know that they have to put more effort in to be able to play well. Adri and Corina were 2 of the best (of course - hee hee!). They are both great pianists!

The recital was the finished product of months of work preparing for AIM (Advancement in Music). The students have to play 2 pieces for a judge, they have a technic test with a judge (scales and demonstrating music understanding for their level), they have a theory test and an ear training test. It is A LOT of work and most of my students did very well.

Adriana is very self motivated when it comes to piano (like Akayla) and she worked very hard to prepare for AIM. She got 100% on the theory test, and she received the highest scores on all the other tests. After the theory test she and I went out to lunch to celebrate. She especially deserved it because it's hard having your mom as your piano teacher. Not only does she not give you a weekly lesson like other students, but she expects a lot of you and does not accept mediocrity!

Corina was also prepared for AIM and got 100% on the theory test and the ear training test, but because of her schedule she was not able to play for the judge. She did great as well and is very anxious to start up with the teacher Akayla goes to. She's ready for the challenge!

I like to give my students a little gift after their hard work....this is what they got this year. It says you gave a pop POP POPPIN' performance! Thanks for working so hard!
There is a bag of microwave popcorn attached to the back.

good things:
working hard
sweaty hands and butterflies
not making an idiot of myself at my student's recital


Erin said...

That looks so fun! You amaze me Angela with all the cool stuff you do. One of these days I just might be as cool as you! ;)

Bingham Family said...

Ya, well, I know I'll never be as cool as you Ang. :)

OdiliaRWynne said...

此處是值得一探究竟的好部落格!! ........................................