Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a baptism, a wedding, and a blessing

Phew! What a busy weekend we had! My mom, dad, sister Genelle, brother Evan and wife Erin, brother Brandon and wife Ayrial - and 3 kids, uncle Ken, and aunt Jamie came on Friday night. That's 12 people sleeping for 2 nights in our house plus the 10 people in our family! It was a BLAST! We had 2 king size air mattresses and 2 queen set up. There were people spread out in every room of our house. At least we know we can do it if we need to!

Anna was baptized Saturday morning. Because of my cousin's wedding we were allowed to do our own family baptism. It was very sweet. Baptisms are always very emotional for me, but when it's your own child it is even more touching. Dave's brother Jim (and his wife Amber and baby Jacob) live here in Pocatello and his other brother Matt is going to BYU-Idaho so they all came too.

Akayla played the piano for the baptism

We had a quick lunch after the baptism, then the adults and Genelle rushed off to Twin Falls (about 2 hours from here) for our cousin's wedding. We left Genelle with the 2 babies while we were at the sealing. Leandra slept the whole time and Genelle got to hold baby Ambree. After the sealing we did some sight seeing - Shoshone Falls, and some scenic overlooks. Then we went to the reception. By the time we got back to our house it was 9:00.......but we had promised the kids we would go play laser tag at the church. So we did and it was worth staying up extra late! We got home around 12:00 a.m. (because of daylight savings it was more like 1:00).

cousin James and my brother Brandon

cousin Amy and her husband

my brother Evan and wife Erin

Sunday morning was Leandra's blessing. Luckily we have 12:30 church or we would never have made it on time! That's a lot of showers for only 3 bathrooms! Leandra was perfect and Dave gave her a beautiful blessing. It was so nice having so much family here - we have had many blessings with only Dave and my dad in the circle.

After church we had a delicious meal and Erin took pictures of the baptism girl and the 2 babies. I can't wait to post them - I know they are going to be darling!

playing with cousins

Corina and Akayla playing with my sister Genelle

Jacob (Jim's baby)

Dave's brother Jim

my mom with her sister Jamie & husband Ken
Dave's brother Matt

Jim's wife Amber with Mariah and Leandra

my brother Brandon getting caught sneaking food!

good things:
12:30 church
family support
Nana's pasta sauce and breadsticks


Jeron & Brook said...

I know it made for a crazy couple of days but I am so glad you were able to do it that way! We did a special baptism for Jaxon and a special blessing for Emma so we could have as much family there as possible! That is really wonderful! And your brothers look just the same as they did when they were little! And your mom! Has she changed?! Now I know where you get it from! =) What a wonderful time!

Marley Family said...

What a busy and fun weekend. Way to kill two birds with one stone;)

Audrey said...

How fun!!! Where was Carissa in all of this?

Erin said...

You sure did have a busy weekend. I'm so glad you had so much fun too! You have such a beautiful family and I think it's so awesome to be close enough to share with aunts and uncles and grandma and grandpa all the fun little things in life. Anna and Leandra both look absolutely gorgeous in their white little dresses.