Monday, March 15, 2010

family reading night

Anna & bestest best friend Jaycee

Mariah playing games

Leandra pondering

Tanner just being cool

Elli eating cookies and milk

Anna reading

Adri reading and trying not to smile at her weird mom

We have a great PTO at our school - and I'm not just saying that because I'm the vice president. Actually, I'm saying that because I LOVE the ladies I work with. The president and secretary were the first ones to bring meals to us when we had the baby (and they aren't members of our church and they don't even live close!). I can always call on them for anything and they will bend over backwards to help me. The day after this reading night they put together a YUMMY lunch and just dropped over so we could all eat together. It was so fun!

Every year we have a family reading night to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. Everyone is supposed to bring a pile of books and read together in the gym. They had cookies & milk, games to play, and the principal and school board read silly books out loud to the kids. It's one of the least stressful events we put on every year. Good thing since Dave had class and my two older girls couldn't come to help. We enjoyed just relaxing together and reading some good books!

good things:

good books

kids that love to read

great friends


Erin said...

I love when the schools do things like that! That is so fun and what a good activity to do with the families. I think it would be fun to do at home sometime too!

Aaron said...

hello i would like to know if i could please get akaylas number i would like to txt her let her know how things are

Aaron said...

if its ok mine is (541)701 7267

Bingham Family said...

So fun you guys! I love your baby picts too! And happy b-day to Anna. I am still trying to make your baby sling and can't find the big metal rings for it anywhere... I did get cute fabric though. If I can't find the rings soon... it may have to be for the next Farrara cutie. :)