Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sick of cake

Akayla and Adriana were born 5 years and 2 days apart. In the past we sometimes had one birthday bash to celebrate both birthdays, but we decided they both need their own day and their own cake.....

This year Akayla asked for cheesecake ( favorite!), and Adriana asked for German chocolate cake. They're both too grown up for fun cakes I guess!

Akayla turned 15 on Sunday. Dave took her out to lunch on Saturday to celebrate, and I took her out shopping. Sunday was a nice day. We had Akayla's favorite dinner (roast and baked potatoes) and we played games. She got to choose her presents (clothes) and she's getting them this weekend. Her favorite part of the day was when her favorite guy friend dropped off a present in the backyard and she had to go search for it. Such a sweet guy!

Adriana turned 10 on Tuesday. We had 6 of her best friends come over and wake her up in the morning and we had a yummy breakfast. Then I picked her up early from school and we went out to lunch. We made grilled pizza for dinner and had cake and presents. Her favorite present was a Justin Bieber cd. We all listened to it while we cleaned up and got ready for bed. It's really fun though I still think he sounds like a girl!

good things:

no more birthdays for a couple of months

grandma's cheesecake recipe

chocolate chip pancakes

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Erin said...

so fun and your girls are so beautiful!