Saturday, April 24, 2010


Long overdue, but I don't want Easter forgotten in our family journal............

Easter happened to fall on General Conference weekend. We colored eggs on Saturday morning before conference started, then in between morning and afternoon conference we had our egg hunt. It very cold so we had an Easter egg hunt inside. The kids couldn't stop hunting until all 36 colored eggs were found!

Sunday morning I wanted to do something special to remember the Savior. I made cinnamon rolls the night before and I wanted to get the kids up early and watch the sunrise while we had a special devotional. We had a bad night, so we decided that wasn't a good idea. We ended up eating cinnamon rolls inside while we watched "To this end was I born". I was very disappointed, but that's the way things go sometimes with a new baby.
Maybe next year.

good things:
hard-boiled eggs for breakfast
Cadbury mini eggs
decorating eggs - especially dads funny ones!


Heidi said...

I love the picture of Leandra. She is so cute. My piano students mom would agree, she mentioned seeing you & Leandra at a YW function recently and said she looked so adorable.

Erin said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. I always love hearing about all the fun stuff that you do for holidays, birthdays, and just for fun! You are one amazing woman and you have such a wonderful family!

Bingham Family said...

Cute Easter pictures! And I love the birthday post. Your girls are getting so grown up and of course beautiful.