Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It is spring - it smells like it even though it's cold

Every spring we have a couple of birds trying to build their nest in our grill

It's actually fun to watch, though it is also a little annoying!

We learned last year that if we open the top of our grill they stop

So when I woke up this morning and saw the birds bringing twigs I opened it right away

Then I watched out the window to see what they would do

The two love-birds brought twigs and then hopped around looking completely confused

It was kind of sad but


They flew away and haven't come back

Remind me to tell you the very FUNNY story about our grill. Notice it's totally burned and the knobs are off? If you look even closer you'll see that the top is a bit warped.

What could have caused that? Hee hee...... I don't think I can say today, but maybe tomorrow!

good things:

spring rain

green grass

flip flops


Bingham Family said...

I LOVE spring too! The false starts (warm spells) are killing me. I am so ready to garden!!! I can't wait to hear the grill story.

Nursekasi said...

I had birds lay nests in our barbecue and even lay eggs. I didn't have the heart to clean it out since they laid eggs, but they ended up abandoning their nest once we had seen the eggs. I was hoping we would have little babies chirping in there since we decided to let them have their home in there. I love your blog, it's really awesome.