Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anna's carnival

Annalisa talked about the last week of school all year long - not because she would be done with school for the year - but because the 1st-3rd grades get to have a carnival.

It's a BIG deal at the school..........the kids have to earn $200 in school money to be able to go and it's not easy to earn the money!

There's tons of food, activities and prizes and the kids get as many tickets as they earned with their school money to play and eat with.

I got to do the face painting station again (2nd year in a row - and I'll probably do it for the next several years since I will have kids in the 1st-3rd grade for ever and noone else wants to paint faces for some odd reason!!)

I am no artist so luckily the kids are just excited to get something on their face!!

Most of the girls want butterflies or flowers...........

..............Most of the boys want stitches.

I don't know what is so cool about stitches, but I am really glad they are EASY!!!

good things:

cute little excited kids

cotton candy

volunteering at the school

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