Monday, June 21, 2010

Clogging 2010


Akayla & Erinn


All 4 - best friends

The whole team in the Robot costume - look at all the redheads!!

When I was young I clogged.

I totally loved it so I knew my girls must also clog.

Akayla LOVES it.

Corina HATES it!

That's okay.... I quit long before I got to the point Akayla is at and I LOVE to watch her clog!

In the clogging world you go to competitions and just like sports in high school you have regional, district and state competitions.

Akayla had a REALLY good year!!!

Her teacher is the oldest sister in the Fab 5 (the clogging ladies who made it to the finals on America's Got Talent) and she is AMAZING!!
Our team always does really well at all the competitions and gets lots of overall highest scores.

Akayla did a duet this year with her friend Jeff to HAIRSPRAY.


They won high gold in champ and pro at the competitions (highest possible score) and were even named state champs at the Idaho State competition. She got to take home a cool banner to put in her room!

We went to the national competition and again her team did AWESOME even though their teacher had a baby exactly a week before and couldn't even be there with them.

I have not missed nationals ever but this year Lea was with me and Dave couldn't come.

She had a hard time because it was rainy and cold, and she didn't like all the loud noises.

I didn't get to go for the 2nd day.

I knew Akayla would be well taken care of because she has really really good friends on her team and their moms are AWESOME!

But I was still sad I couldn't be there with her!

For 3 years Akayla has tried out for the national all-american team........

(and really really wanted to be on it!)

The judges add up all the points from the competition and choose just a select few to make it on the team.

I was not going to miss the awards show.

I got there late and texted Akayla to come see me.

Right then they were announcing the new All-Americans.

Of course I cried when they said AKAYLA FERRARA and saw her go up on stage!


and she gets a really cool jacket
with her name on it!

It was way fun and exciting!!

After the competition Adri, Anna and Mariah all decided they want to be in clogging next year!!

BUT Corina still hates it!!

good things:

best friends

a way fun and stressful weekend

great people who take care of your kid when you can't


Marley Family said...

How awesome! Congrats!

Meikjn said...

I was in clogging I was terrible, but it was fun. that is really cool that is a neat thing to be good at.

Megan Jo Eddie said...

CONGRATS Akayla! She is such an exceptional girl. We love her sooo much and very proud of her.