Sunday, August 15, 2010

days at the park

Idaho is awesome.

Every weekday during the summer we go to the park and get free lunch for all the kids.

It's even a pretty good lunch - milk, fruit, veggies, and some kind of main dish.

The kids love to go just for the chocolate milk and to play at the park.

Sometimes they bring friends........Akayla and Corina have met friends there several times.

This was just a regular day, but for some reason I had my camera in the car.

Corina and Tanner decided not to come this time.......

Elli was sad for some reason

Anna's friend Jaycee was spending the day with us

Mars Bars

Akayla's good friend Jaden met us at the park


Lea's new trick - sitting up all by herself!

good things:
soft green grass
garden salsa sun chips
a reason to get out of the house


Marley Family said...

Love free lunch at the park! I love not having to make lunch everyday!;)

Heidi said...

We love the lunch park too!
Your girls hair always looks so cute. Ellie and Leandra are growing up so fast - We need to do another double date night sometime.

Erin said...

What cute pictures. I love summer at the park too! Your little baby is growing up so big and dang cute! Jaycee is in our ward. It is funny how we know the same people.

Erin said...

That's so fun! I can't believe how fast your little one is growing up...time flies!!!! hope you enjoy the rest of summer!