Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Last week.........

Akayla and Corina went to girl's camp,

Tanner went to scout camp,

and I went to string boot camp.

I loved the first few days, but then I fizzled.

It's way too hard to leave your family for that long!

Akayla and Corina had an amazing time - noone got hurt or anything!

Last year only like 5 girls went and this year because of beehives coming in and new girls they had 15!!!

We have some great girls and great leaders in our ward!

Dave went up with the bishopric on the last night and loved being with his girls!

Their favorite part: having their leaders play pranks on them and trying to get them back (bra on the flag pole - classic!)

Tanner did not want to go at all!

He has never been away from home for a whole week.

He has never driven 3 1/2 hours away from home by himself.

I could see the signs that we were going to have trouble the night before he had to leave.

He started making bad comments about it.

He started sitting on his bed and not talking to anyone.

He wouldn't pack his stuff up.

I even told Dave that he was going to give us a hard time the next morning about going.

(Hard time meaning we might have to carry him kicking and screaming to the car)

Sure enough Dave got him up in the morning and he would not take a shower or do anything.

Dave said a prayer and we decided that he would have to drive him to camp and help him see that it wasn't as bad as he was imagining.

We told Tanner he could even come home if he wanted to after he saw what it was like.

So, Dave hopped in the car and drove Tanner 3 1/2 hours.

He stayed with him for a half an hour and showed him all around the camp.

Tanner decided to stay.

So Dave turned around and drove 3 1/2 hours back home.

Tanner had a great time!
His favorite part: Not having to take a shower for 6 whole days!!

And I don't have a single picture of that icky boy!!

Oh, the things we sacrifice for our kids!!!

good things:

everyone's home - our house felt so empty without them

according to Tanner - toilets that aren't a hole in the ground

the testimony meeting at girl's camp

my husband who was willing to make an investment in Tanner


Marley Family said...

I miss going to Girls Camp. But I dont miss sleeping outside, smelling like campfire,and being dirty;) Glad everyone had so much fun!

The Ridings said...

Ooh the differences between Scout camp and Girls camp are endless. I was surprised we have more girls than you and your in Idaho!