Sunday, August 8, 2010


Sometimes I get mad at my husband because he says insensitive things.

Sometimes he hurts one of our many daughter's feelings.

Sometimes he doesn't understand why doing some of the things that he does would make someone feel bad.

But most of the time I am amazed at the sweet things my husband says.

Most of the time I see him being sweet and affectionate with our many daughters and our son, and I think they are so lucky to have a sensitive dad.

Most of the time I blush when my husband writes me love notes or apologizes first for a silly argument we had.

Most of the time he is very careful not to say anything unkind to others, and especially not about others. He doesn't ever gossip and he puts me in my place when I do.

Most of the time I see him get tears in his eyes when one of our children or I do something.....anything that makes him happy.

Most of the time I try to be more sensitive when he cries because one of our many pets (dog, rabbits, lots of fish, even a tadpole named Pig) dies. He always says we will never get another pet and I know it's because he can't stand it when they die.
My poor husband could never go hunting because it would kill him to have to kill any animal. He even catches flies and releases them outside so he doesn't have to kill them!

Most of the time my heart swells when he bears his testimony or shares anything because he has the strongest spirit with him always.

This is a picture of my plant.
It's just another plant that I killed - not on purpose.
I have a brown thumb.
I've decided I can only keep children alive - so I better just keep having children!

My plant was starting to die......
so my sensitive husband brought it outside so it could die in the fresh air.

I think he is so cute!

good things:

eating homemade ice cream out on the deck

seeing my husband hold his baby

jumping into my bed with new clean sheets


Megan Jo Eddie said...

So sweet. I also have to agree with new clean sheets- there's just nothing like it.

Marley Family said...

Dave reminds Me of my DaD! What a great dad!

Heidi said...

That plant reminds me of my former houseplants:)
I also liked the idea of catch and release flies. So what about if there's a mouse in your house?

Anna Crowe said...

This is funny... I think the same thing of my hubby when it comes to saying "sensitive things." I have a decent sense of humor so I can let things go, but I do kindly let him know when the things he says hurt my feel bads. Must be a "good husband" thing.