Thursday, August 5, 2010


Annalisa is a full-blown yellow personality.

Life is about having fun and nothing more.

She is always giggling and always searching for the next fun thing to do!

Her friend Brandi always goes along for the ride.

About 2 seconds after this picture the girls flipped and bonked heads.

I am so glad they put blankets at the bottom of the stairs!

good things:
Anna's freckles
8-year old adventures
getting caught up on laundry (for a day)


Anna Crowe said...

I did this SAME THING with my sisters and friends and cousins when I was her age! We did it with slippery sleeping bags, and we did it so much that we were banned because it pulled up the carpet on a few of the stairs.


Marley Family said...

I remember doing that when I was little;) Ang did you take a trip;) I know you were tempted;)