Wednesday, August 4, 2010

spaghetti dinner

Tanner, Akayla, and some of the girls in the ward
Amber and Jacob

Adri, Anna, Amber & Jacob

Corina decided to go to girls camp with her best friends that are not in our ward. Akayla would have gone also but she's a working girl now!

They did a fun spaghetti dinner as a fundraiser and Corina had to help make dinner and serve.

We brought our whole family since the family ticket was only $20. (Pretty good deal for our crew!!)

She helped me make cinnamon rolls for the auction. She brought 12 HUGE ones with lots of cream cheese frosting. Someone bought them for 35 bucks! We were pretty happy with that since a lot of the other things were going for $5 or $6.

Jim and Amber (Dave's little bro) even came to support her. It was fun to see them on a day that wasn't Sunday!

Corina went to a week of girl's camp then came home for the weekend and left again for another week of girl's camp - lucky girl!

good things:

watching people pretend not to count as we walk past

sitting around outside laughing at silly things

summer evenings


Marley Family said...

What a crazy woman! I'm not a camper, so two weeks roughing it is my nightmare. But I hope she has tonz of fun!;)

Heidi said...

I loved girls camp when I was younger- and I think I would have loved it even more if I had grown up in our stake. Jared tells me they go to a pretty awesome place - w/ toilets, showers, etc. That beats the stinging nettle infested/ roughin' it place that we always went to growing up, but I loved it anyway. Too bad Jared forgot to take his skit costume. He is supposed to dress up as Lehi and was going to use my blue flowered bathrobe for fun:)