Monday, August 2, 2010

too busy

A note written by Mariah (age 6) placed high enough for me to see as I walk out my door.......

I am attending a string technique workshop this week. I don't do very many things for myself, so my husband is very supportive.

But my kids are missing their mother.

I'll be back Saturday night!

good things:

my good husband who drove 3 hours to take our son to scout camp because he was really scared, then stayed a half an hour to make sure he was ok and turned around to drive back home

learning more about the instrument you love

playing ensemble music


Marley Family said...

I love it when kids leave little notes around the house. So sweet!

Heidi said...

That is so cute! That happens at our house with the tooth fairy too. Jacob has come up with all kinds of reasons about why she doesn't come on time - maybe too many kids lost their teeth at the same time and she couldn't carry them all, or his tooth was too dirty so she didn't want it...:)
That string workshop sounds intriguing. I'm excited to "take time for myself" this week at the Piano workshop.