Tuesday, July 27, 2010

traditional hike

Every summer Dave gets an itch to go on a big crazy hike.

Pocatello is nestled at the bottom of some lovely mountains. They're not quite as grand as Utah's but we love living so close (10 minutes) to some awesome camping and hiking spots.

A couple of years ago Dave and I hiked to the top of the highest peak in Pocatello. It was a really tough hike that took several hours.

This year we brought the whole family. I went about a quarter of the way (which took about 2 hours) with Adriana, Annalisa, Mariah, Elora and Leandra. We don't have a backpack to carry our babies so Dave and I just took turns carrying Lea.

The younger girls did great except Elli. On the way back down it was very steep and she kept slipping. She got pretty hurt and decided I needed to carry her the rest of the way - she wouldn't let Adri help at all. So I walked in front of Adri, who was carrying the baby, and I carried Elli. We were so happy when we finally got to the suburban!!

Dave took the 3 oldest kids all the way to the top. It took a total of 5 hours and they were pretty tired when they got home but they were so proud of themselves!! It was very hot and exhausting, but the view was worth the hard work. They called us when they got to the top and told us to go out on the deck. We could see the top of the mountain but we couldn't see them - they were way too tiny!




Dave & Lea

Adri and Elli

good things:
conquering the mountain
a cool breeze every once in awhile
the smell of sage brush
lovely little yellow flowers covering the mountain
showering then putting your blistered feet up!


Bingham Family said...

Well done! What fun (except for the sore arms from carrying kids the whole time). Hee hee.

Heidi said...

I love the hats!

Erin said...

Looks like a lot of fun! What a pretty picture of the view of Pocatello.

Marley Family said...

I love going on hikes! Next time you get an itch to go let me know, you can borrow our baby pack for hiking. So you dont have to carry the baby;)