Saturday, July 24, 2010

A nearly perfect day


*We jumped up early and got ready quickly to go watch the Pioneer Day parade

*We cheered Dad on because he played with his trombone quartet in the parade

*The kids got LOTS of candy

*Adri finally lost her tooth in the Bit 'o Honey from the parade

*We left the parade early to go to the fairgrounds for the Pioneer Day celebration

*We cheered Akayla on because her clogging team performed and they were awesome

*We ate at least 10 slices of watermelon each because it was free and so refreshing

*It was like 350 degrees outside but noone complained (even Lea) and everyone was happy all day

*We only spent $2 on tickets and the kids got to do several FREE activities like the fishing pond, riding the handcarts, face painting, indians dancing, a petting zoo, and a waterslide

*Akayla and Corina met up with friends (cute boys who made their day perfect!) and wandered around flirting and having a great time

*Dad and Tanner had a great time watching motorcycle races and mutton busting

*We all got a little sunburned - but everyone else will have a nice tan tomorrow and I will just have about 20,000 new freckles!

*We came home and got all the fixins for a perfect barbecue: hamburgers, fruit and vegetable salad (no more watermelon), and homemade ice cream

*While dad grilled everyone got their chores done really fast so mom could have a perfect day (I know I'm ridiculous, but my day is ruined if we have fun all day but I have to wake up to a mess the next morning)-- they even helped me get all the laundry done

*After getting in trouble for sneaking outside with friends in the kiddie pool, kids took their baths and got in trouble again for making a lake in the bathroom - oh well! It can't be all perfect!

*We ate homemade strawberry cheesecake ice cream (move over Coldstone, this recipe is TO DIE FOR!) outside on the deck and talked about everything and nothing

*We laughed for at least a half an hour at Lea laughing at Tanner

*We read scriptures and said family prayer and everyone was so tired they didn't giggle all the way through, poke each other, or say anything silly!


daddy in the parade

Adri's tooth

Elli on the swings

so much watermelon

petting zoo


watching motorcycle races


......and after!

good things:
ice cold water on a hot day
spf 60
celebrating pioneers - not having to be one

Akayla's clogging duet with Jeff "Hairspray" - not the best video (speaker in front of their feet), but the only one I have!!

I should have gotten a video of the team dance, but this one is really cute!


Aceneth Warner said...

can I just tell you, I love reading you blog. I love to see your happy faces, such a big family, and such big love..soo good to see!

Bingham Family said...

Wow! Akayla is just amazing! What fun! You made me homesick for Poky. Glad you had a fun family day.

Anna Crowe said...

An absolutely PERFECT Pioneer Day!

Heidi said...

Those handcarts look like fun! I'm glad you had a great day. I like the part you included about cleaning the house. I always feel so much better when I come home to a clean house too. I'd love to get your ice cream recipe - sounds delicious!

Marley Family said...

What a great day with your cute little family;) Or should I say big family;)

The Ridings said...

350 really? Come visit us in July :) Looks like you had a great time.