Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Great Escape

I'm a bit of a children's book addict.

I collect all the beautifully illustrated and hardbound books with the enchanting stories.

I have hundreds (I told you....addict!)

They make me so happy.

I love to read them with my kids and I often cry while I read them.

For years my husband has been talking about a book that he had when he was young called "The Great Escape".

I never have been able to find it any bookstore used or new.

Recently my husband has been on a little kick....... he has been searching amazon, e-bay and other online places for nostalgic music and books.

He found a Phil Collins and a Chicago 18 CD for about $3 each.

He found the book "The Great Escape" for about $90 and couldn't find it cheaper anywhere!!

Apparently it is out of print.

So he finally mentioned to his mom that he wanted to find this book.

I don't know why he didn't ask her before because she has boxes and boxes of old things.

She happily sent the book with his youngest brother Matt (who just came back to BYU-I) along with several old Star Trek pop-up books (classic!).

He had a lot of fun reading to the kids Saturday morning, and of course he had to do all the silly voices!

It is definitely not as beautiful as some of the books I have, but it is a super fun story and I have never seen my husband as excited to read to his kids!!

good things:
books worth a lot but worth even more in memories

watching my husband reading to my kids

buttermilk syrup and chocolate chip pancakes on a lazy Saturday morning


Heidi said...

That is so great that his mom saved it. I was so happy when my mom offered to give me a bunch of "classic" books from my childhood. I can still recite my Berenstein's B Book from memory and had fun reading it to my kids. I have a hard time keeping to my limit of 15 books at the library every week:)

Bingham Family said...

My kids and husband love that books too. They always want it when they see it at the library. I agree with you. I LOVE children's books! I wish there was a book club for children's story books. That would be fun!