Thursday, September 23, 2010

past few weeks

These are some of the things we've done in the past few weeks that I haven't blogged about:

We took our kids to see Sorceror's Apprentice at the $ theater

*we loved it!

*we even got popcorn

*as we drove away we realized we were missing 2 kids that happened to be in the bathroom. When we went back to get them they were standing in the parking lot crying. Oops. Bad parent moment! Happy to say I've only done that one other time......I left my sleeping baby on the couch once and drove all the way down the street until I realized she wasn't with us.

-We invited a new family in our ward over for dinner

*Akayla and the oldest daughter have been inseparable since the day they moved in

*ate yummy food

*talked and laughed all night -- they will be great friends

-Akayla clogged at the Blackfoot fair

*she forgot her black pants and freaked out - luckily there was a tall 10 year old willing to let Akayla wear her pants (how nice to be so tiny and thin!) for her dances

*Corina and I dropped Akayla and her friends off to run and find the stage while we parked so she wouldn't be late................ we had to walk about a mile back to get in the front doors

*didn't realize they would only accept cash and since I had used almost all my cash on parking we had to call Akayla's friend to come bring us a dollar just so we could get in

*I got to stand in the longest line in history in order to use the bathroom and my bladder nearly exploded!

* we walked around for a few minutes smelled all the fried food and pushed our way through crowds and we were done. We're not really fair people.

-Adri, Anna and Mariah sang in their school's "Hoedown Showdown"

*luckily we have lots of cowboy stuff for them to all wear

*Adri ended up singing a solo (which was supposed to be a small group singing) because some of the microphones weren't working - she sounded great!!

*Dad got to do what mom usually does and watch the 2 youngest girls on his own -- Mom was with Akayla and Corina at the fair

-We had John Hulbert and his wife and kids over for dinner

*John is one of Dave's very first students from our first area

*we had invited them over right before they had their 3rd baby but because our whole family was really sick we called and left a message to cancel -- but they didn't get the message and came over anyway. It was so embarrassing to tell them to go home!!

*it's so weird that past students have their own families now!

-We went to a lovely party for the dearest man on earth, Howard Hunt

*Howard serves in the bishopric with Dave

*he is one of the kindest, most considerate people we have ever known

*last year he had a massive heart attack and was considered brain dead....miraculously he recovered and is alive and well

*his wife is amazing also and makes the best food around!!

Akayla & her new best friend McKaiaya

-We went to a stake harvest activity

*apparently there was food but we were all stuffed from the previous party!

*there was a train ride and a big blow up jumping toy (I even went on it - it was AWESOME!!)

*we saw lots of good friends there

*Some of Akayla's friends performed with their was actually really good!

-Tanner decided to join the middle school jazz band

*the teacher invited him to be in it (it has mostly 8th graders)

*it was really hard the first few days but now he LOVES IT!! (He's just like his dad!)

-Adri started Tavaci

*a really cute and very fun singing group

*she is loving it already!!

-I was asked to put together a silly little "Wizard of Was" play for Enrichment

*had lots of fun with the ladies

*changed the script 2 days before to include a witch and make it a melodrama -- it was so much better!

*I was the tingirl -- had a hard time figuring out the costume but cardboard and silver spray paint are AMAZING!!

*SO GLAD IT IS OVER but it really turned out cute!!

-Anna and Mariah started clogging

*so far lots of fun

*Mariah practices all the time

*Anna still thinks gymnastics is her thing -- maybe next year

*all of our clogging girls get to be in the ISU parade on Saturday

Elli likes to write her name on all of the pictures she colors

-Elli is now home all day with just mom and Lea

*the first half of the day is great - we read and play with puzzles, barbies and play dough (and mom gets some cleaning and laundry done)

*the 2nd half Elli is begging to go play with Evie (across the street). If I say no she sneaks out anyway when my back is turned (or I'm teaching)

Corina & her best friend Alyssa

-Corina loves and hates high school

*she loves the social aspect, but she has taken all honors classes. She has very high expectations for herself....she's involved in several activities, she wants straight A's and she practices 2 instruments for an hour each every day.

*she's starting to get crabby -- I think she needs more sleep!

*we had a little issue with an ipod: 2 boys were flirting with her and taking her stuff off of her desk. On Fridays the teacher allows them to have their ipods on their desk (even though it's against school policy). Corina was trying to get her stuff back and a $250 ipod was broken. The boy expected Corina to buy him a new one. I called the VP who was very upset with the teacher and the boy. He said they should pay for it - it is the boy's property and he is responsible for it. Whew! We said we would pay 1/3 because we're so nice!!!

-I went with 3 of my favorite people to see Eclipse (again)

*Amy gave us all sand from the beach at Forks - LOVE IT!!

*super fun to giggle and feel young with my friends!

-Dave, Akayla & Tanner participated in a HUGE 9/11 service project including 6 stakes in the Pocatello area

*Corina wasn't able to participate this time

*they worked hard and got doughnuts and pizza as thanks

*they got to do something really great with a lot of their good friends

*Tanner got stung by a bee - he's allergic to bee stings so by the next morning his face was all swollen. He didn't go to church or school the next day!

This is after the swelling went down quite a bit:

-Idaho State Civic Symphony started up again

*I took a year off to have Lea --- it's SOOOO fun to be back at it again

*we have an amazing conductor from the Chicago Symphony who has such vision about building up a smaller town symphony. He has done incredible things for us and has great connections. We are so blessed to have him here!

*Best symphony I've EVER played in (including Mormon Youth Symphony)!

-Dave started his 2nd to last semester for his masters program


-Lea......hmmm...........nothing new for her the past few weeks!

*really hoping she'll crawl soon - getting closer

*she's a big chunk

*still the sweetest baby ever (Dave even said he wouldn't mind having 4 more just like her - I wouldn't mind taking him up on that!!)

*no teeth yet!

good things:
happily busy

fall colors

watching ghost whisperer on blinkx with my hubby and a bowl of popcorn


Erin said...

Looks like you've been busy having fun! My two older kids were in Tavaci and loved it! Cindy is great! I am trying to talk Amity into doing it. Maybe after Christmas. Cute pictures!

Heidi said...

I love the pictures of your kids in the cowboy attire!
And Lea looks so adorable in that last picture.

The Ridings said...

Wow! Busy lady.

Marley Family said...

Had so much fun at the movies! I think I blacked out during my song last night. No really I dont remember anything;D