Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday mornings

I know my ward just thinks I'm Super Mom (not).

Because every Sunday (in my dreams)we get to church 15 minutes early, and we walk in a nice little line reverently to our family pew (actually we got booted out of the one we like because the dad of the other family comes early and saves the pew now for his family - so we either sit on the front row or the one behind them and I'm really angry about it haha).

Then my children sit perfectly still while their dad is on the stand because he's in the bishopric and I play the organ.

Actually, I don't think we do too bad most of the time especially since I have to get everyone ready on my own every Sunday.....and I have teenagers. (If you think my teenagers are helpful on Sunday you are VERY WRONG!! They are the ones that make us late more often than not!)

And my kids are mostly pretty darn good at church.

Sunday mornings at our house are actually kind of funny.

I'm sure people think I'm exaggerating but it really feels like I'm running around with ribbons and combs and tights and flowers flying every which way as I rush to get my 5 younger girls ready.

Inevitably someone loses something and I am yelling for everyone to search for it or I'm getting upset with someone for not having their stuff all ready the night before.

We do play nice music to help keep a nice calm mood.

This last Sunday was a nightmare.

(all I'm going to say is I'm amazed I didn't break my whole body, and my children are really rude to laugh at their mother,)

Even though I had to play the organ we walked in right at 10:58 (church starts at 11:00) and we delayed the start of the meeting.

Even worse was that Elli wanted ME and NOONE else.

She was totally crying as someone brought her in.

I was playing prelude and was trying to mouth to someone to take her out.

She didn't want to leave and she was starting to cry REALLY LOUD at this point!


The only thing that made it better was looking down at several of the families that we have come to love and they were laughing......not at me but at the funny situation.

I am totally ok with them not thinking I'm super mom!!

good things:
someday my daughters will all be able to do their own hair

someday when my Sunday mornings are calm and peaceful, I will miss having all my kids getting ready for church in the same house

cold cereal


disillusioned said...

Being early is for the birds.

My dad used to force us to be to church 20 to 15 minutes early.

It made Sundays completely miserable--and incredibly difficult to feel the Spirit.

My sisters and I still consciously or unconsciously "rebel" against being early to church to this day.

It's for the birds--not for imperfect people


Mary P.

P.S. As horrible as this may sound--cause the pioneers I'm sure never complained (whatever!!!)--I personally think that part of the reason why some wards and branches still try to meet earlier than 11:00 a.m. is because those who often make such decisions are not the ones at home trying to get everyone ready on time. I'm just saying.....

Marley Family said...

I know how you feel about getting that same pew every week. Lane and I leave for church at 10:30 every Sunday so we can get our pew. I know crazy! It's funny if someone else sits in our spot it throws my whole Sunday off ;D P.S. You kids are awesome. Perfect angels in church !

Heidi said...

This sounds too familiar- even though I have less girls to get ready, I think Sundays mornings are the hardest time of the week for me. By the time I get everyone else ready and out the door and they trickle over to our bench, there's not much time before 9 am for me to dry and curl my wet hair- then head to the mother's room to feed the baby while I hope my other kids are behaving alone on the bench :) I'm so thankful for friends who step in to help.
But despite the chaos- sending most of the kids off to school is giving me a brief taste of what empty-nesting might be like and I'm not ready for that!

Jeron & Brook said...

Can I say that I laughed right out loud! I could see it in my head because it happens at my house every week! =) You are sooo... right that teenagers are no help! I LOVED this post! And I don't care what you say, you ARE Super Mom! =)

Gina Hallam said...

You may not think you're super mom Ang, but you truly ARE SUPER MOM!!!!! You are such an amazing wonderful person with so many talents and abilities. Your children are so very blessed to have you in their lives. Stay SUPER!!!! BIG HUGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!

Amy said...

I still think you're a super mom. When the kids came in and Ellie was crying I did laugh too just because we're all just human and when you're kids cry in church I know that their human just like the rest of us. I love seeing your beautiful family walk down the isle to your pew. They are always reverent and beautiful to me.

Sarah said...

I just get a head ache thinking about it. Oye Sunday Mornings.....

Lisa said...

Fun to get caught up on your blog, Ang. Yes, Sunday mornings are a headache... Chris hasn't sat with us for years and years. Now he's exec. sec. so he can sit with us but still leaves early for bishopric mtg. so I'm doing it alone in the mornings like always. so fun : )