Monday, October 25, 2010

old lady

as of this moment I have been alive for:

23219 months

100965 weeks

706760 days

16962233 hours

1017734020 minutes

or in other words.......... 35 years!

I can't even believe I'm that OLD!!!

Everyone should have a birthday on the weekend.

I didn't have to cook, clean or change stinky diapers!

Akayla and Corina made a yummy breakfast.

Dave took us all out to dinner.

All of my kids made me sweet cards, Adri and Anna made me a huge poster, and I got heart attacked on my door by Akayla and Corina.

One of my dearest friends came and gave me a hand and foot massage - ahhhhhh!

I got all kinds of facebook messages, e-mails and texts from family and friends.

Yeah, I felt very loved!!

Thanks everybody!!

good things:

all 8 kids behaving very well at the restaurant

getting spoiled

not having to make my own cake


Marley Family said...

Your not old! Happy Birthday!

Cox Family said...

Glad you had a fantastic birthday!

jenjen said...

I always think of you in just feel like October. I have been thinking a lot of you lately. I am sorry about your recent miscarriage. They are always hard, no matter what. You are one of the strongest people I know. Happy Birthday to you! I am glad to here it was are too!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you had a great day!

MamaBug said...

You are not old. :D (Says the almost 36 year old.)

Kaylyn said...

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like it was a perfect one!