Friday, November 26, 2010

blogging bum & Thanksgiving

Am I the only person out there that starts to write a blog but runs out of time so it doesn't get finished....then it just doesn't seem to happen?

Things have felt very hectic lately around here, but I am going to take a few minutes over the next few non-stressful days to finish up a few of my blogs.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving week/month.

Every day one of my kids got to write on our little wipe-off Thankfulness board what they were thankful for that day. I loved it!

Last week my husband's little sister Beth drove out from Illinois with her hubby Tom and 3 kids - Sam (8), Ben (6), and Hannah (3).

It's been a long time since we've seen them - at least 2 1/2 we played hard and didn't take very many pictures!

Dave's brother Matt came from BYU-I and his other brother Jim brought his sweet pregnant wife Amber, and little 18 month-old terror Jacob!

We had 18 people here for Thanksgiving dinner and I dreamed of our next house (in the works) that will hold all of us easily! Oh how I covet my kitchen in the next house (and of course the bathrooms that are only meant for a family with 7 daughters!!).

Favorite Thanksgiving dishes this year: mashed potatoes, yams (heavenly with crumb topping - I could eat it for dessert any day!), Beth's homemade pico de gallo and all the other yummy appetizers, and the blueberry pomegranite drink that Matt brought.

*We played some laser tag, rack-o, Settlers of Cataan, pit, and watched Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief and Letters to Juliet (our new favorite -- soooo good!!).

*We went through a house our builder recently finished to show Tom and Beth what and where we will be building our new house.

*We went shopping and spent too much money........not on anything fun though, just food!

*The kids played (and messed up the house) and had a great time together. Tanner and the boys slept in Tanner's tent every night and wrestled all day!

*We fed the missionaries but the adults didn't eat and after they left we snuck out and went to eat at Costa Vida. Yummy pork salad (just like cafe rio) and tres leches!

We wish we could have had the rest of the Ferrara's out here..... too bad they live 24 hours away (if you drive straight through!)!!

These are really the only pictures I took:

Little Miss Elli and cousin Hannah
dressing up, having a tea party......

and dancing!!

and cousin Ben and Annalisa have to get in on the action too!

good things:
cleaning the house after company leaves
seeing family you don't get to see very often


Marley Family said...

What a fun Thanksgivig! Where are you building? I hope it's in our ward!

Heidi said...

New house??? That's exciting! I hope you're staying close -even though our proximity doesn't seem to get us together much w/ our busy lives.