Tuesday, November 16, 2010

random goings on.....

So thankful my kids have friends that like to take pictures or I would have very few pictures of my own children...... really gotta work on that!

Adriana and friend Kimmi after makeovers.
Looking a little too grown up!

Yes, this is Tanner with a girl. His big crush..... I think it's funny that she's a whole head taller than him. I also think it's funny that they don't even dare to talk to each other except to say hi and "steal" each other's folders and books.

Corina has adorable friends.....unfortunately most of them (except her best friend, Alyssa on the left) went to Highland instead of Century for high school. She gets to see them at all the football and basketball games though. She's full of Century spirit - black, purple and teal!

Crazy party - if you've never seen Corina with chocolate in her blood you've never really seen her! And people think she's shy - HAHA!!

Akayla and best friend at the Halloween dance

Corina, Akayla and McKaiya

I love that my girls have so many common friends and love hanging out with each other more than anyone else!

First choir concert - Akayla, Corina and Rachel

Corina had a big month - choir, piano and cello recitals
She was asked to play cello for a master class with visiting cellist playing with Idaho State Civic Symphony. She was scared to death but played better than most of the college students also performing that night. Bravo!

Corina's Halloween piano recital
She played Mozart's Rondo - it was AMAZING and FLAWLESS!!

I love that my girls support each other.
They both attend everything the other plays or dances at and always cheer the longest and loudest for their sister/best friend!

Next time.....pictures of the younger 4 kids!

good things:
my camera works even though I don't use it enough!

hot chocolate in the morning

a great discussion about internet safety tonight at FHE


Marley Family said...

What beautiful girls! What a blessing that they have such wonderful friends!

The Ridings said...

Very sweet.

frateslm said...

You have such beautiful girls and macho boy! Congratulations on the baby coming! Miss seeing you guys.