Wednesday, November 10, 2010

linky party

A friend of mine had me check out a great blog Jen is having a linky party today.... never done it before, but I'm supposed to write my mothering story.

I always wanted a dozen kids growing up.

I was the oldest of 7 and I babysat everyone's kids.

When I met my husband and he said in all seriousness that he would have as many children as the Lord saw fit to send his family I knew he was the one for me (it didn't hurt that I was in love with everything else about him too!!)

We were married in June 1994.

A month later I was crying because I thought something was wrong with me - I wasn't pregnant (or so I thought). I think my husband realized then that I wasn't kidding about having 12 kids!

Our first daughter was born about 8 months after that!

10 minutes after she was born I was ready for another baby.

Our next daughter was born 15 months later.

Long story short......

We now have 7 daughters and 1 son.

Life can be crazy but I can honestly say I am living my dream and loving it!

I recently had a miscarriage - my very first.

It broke my heart, but I know that if the Lord allows it we will have at least one more baby.

Maybe not the 12 that I always hoped for, but that feels really right. I just hope the baby "hunger" goes away. I've heard many say the itch is gone when they hold their last baby so they know they are done.

My oldest daughter is turning 16 this (school) year. I may have a long wait for grand babies.....

Being a mother is the most difficult but fulfilling and even rewarding thing I've ever done.

Favorite things about being a mom:

reading together
long talks
hearing my kids play
soothing heartache & owies
experiencing the world around us together
8 more best friends
praying together
making beautiful music together
learning about the Savior
working together
teasing dad
hugs and butterfly kisses

good things:
my own mom

my 8 amazing kids

falling in love the second you see them for the first time


Jen said...

Your family is just beautiful!
I love your sidebar where you talk about each one.
I love your favorite list too.
Thanks for sharing your story!

Marley Family said...

Ang I dont think that baby hunger ever goes away. My mom is 63 and is still baby hungery. Big families are beautiful!

Sue said...

One of my best friends has ten kids. I honestly don't know how she does it. But, rather like you, it just comes naturally to her.

Her family is wonderful, and it sounds like yours is, too.


jen said...

Thanks for linking up today. I'm glad I found your blog, just wondering who sent you my way?

As you may have read, I had my last two weeks before my oldest announced she was getting married. It can be done, and I love seeing my olders with my youngers. There's nothing like it.
I'll be back, and thanks for sharing your story today.

Jamie said...

So glad your friend told you about Jen's blog, and even more glad you decided to share your story! I really enjoyed looking around your blog, especially the side bar, your kids are beautiful!

Kristin said...

I am scared my "itch" is never going to go away! My oldest is 20 and my youngest is two! And we have decided to take whatever and whenever we get it!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog thru Jen's blog! I am looking forward to reading more.
You could not be more right on about what you said regarding being a mom" the most difficult but fulfilling..."

Take Care

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your story! What a big wonderful family!!

mIcHeLLe said...

oh I didn't know you had a m/c...I am so sorry. I had my first before our new baby and it is just so hard to wrap your brain around...hard for the whole family...I am so sorry :(