Friday, December 24, 2010

new traditions

This year was a little busy so we didn't follow one of our regular traditions (read about it here).

This year we tried something new and we all loved it!

I made a basket for the 12 days of Christ.

Each box had a character from a new nativity set I purchased (I've wanted it for a long time so I saved up).

Each day we would read scriptures and talk about that character.

Each day also had a fun family task to accomplish (like sing Christmas carols together on the angel day or service for another family on a wiseman day).

It has truly been a lovely way to celebrate our Savior's birth and also to enjoy the holiday season.

Instead of lasting all month it has only been for the last 12 days and for a lot of those we have been out of school!

just waiting for baby Jesus tonight


On the night we opened the shepherd's box we all dressed up like shepherds and ate a shepherd's meal. We invited Dad's 2 brothers and sister-in-law. It was a blast and we are looking forward to doing it again next year!

All the shepherds. Love Amber's funny face and all the pink!!

Who says shepherd's didn't wear bright colors anyway?!!

Corina was babysitting and I'm behind the camera!

I'm a thoughtful shepherd. Don't you love my beautiful costume?!! It was given to us by some dear friends in our ward (Gary & Colleen Saville)

we figured ranch dip was for sure part of a shepherd's meal!

Akayla in dad's bathrobe - I think the earrings totally make the ensemble!

Miss Elli

Lea and her silly scrunched nose smile!

Amber can't just smile for a picture!

Dave in the other half of our fancy costumes!

Uncle Jim - loved the sheet! so funny!

good things:

plates of goodies from friends

having so much time with my family

my sweet affectionate husband who gives me a backscratch every morning

reading Christmas books to my children - even though they always look back to see me cry and they giggle at me!


Heidi said...

What a fun tradition!

Marley Family said...

What fun traditions! I think we may have to do that 12 days of Christ next year!

The Ridings said...

So creative. What fun traditions. I'm always looking for some new ones.

Jeppsen's said...

Love this idea Your so creative and on the ball. My kids would LOVE the shephards dinner. Anything with food is a big hit at our house :)