Thursday, December 23, 2010


In years past I've felt frustrated with the amount of recitals, band, choir and orchestra concerts, and other musical performances that happen in December.

But this year I just decided to enjoy every one of them.

I love Christmas music and I love that my kids are very involved in music.

Here are just a few of the pictures of things we've been involved in this month....

Clogging performance at the mall.

Adriana, Mariah and Akayla (somehow missed having Akayla in the picture) and very good friends from school and clogging. Anna wanted to be in the next picture even though she's not in clogging any more.

Adriana's Tavaci concert (it was fabulous!)

5th graders got to attend the Nutcracker and I got to go with them!

Adriana and several of her best friends

My own student's mini recital. We were only missing 6 students. I didn't make them dress up or memorize their Christmas peices and we didn't let any parents come. It was a lot of fun and a lot less stressful!

Akayla, Corina and I played in the Messiah together this year. This was the girl's first time playing and it was so great playing in an orchestra with them!

and of course we must add Elli in here since she thinks she's one of my piano students and she "practices" every day just like the other girls!

Things I didn't get pictures of:
*Akayla and Corina's choir concert and youth symphony concert at the Festival of Trees (but on 2 different days)

*Tanner's band performance at school

*Anna and Mariah's school Christmas performance

*Corina's piano recital

good things:

Christmas music

pretty sparkly costumes

young kids who sit quietly in a very full auditorium


Marley Family said...

What a fun December of activities!

Heidi said...

I love that last picture of Elli. She is so adorable! Ever since my boys discovered Mario online the piano practice levels have soared at our house since they have to practice before they can use the computer:) I just love seeing kids practice!
Have a Merry Christmas!
I still have a headband of Lea's to return to you-I just keep forgetting.