Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 a Year in Review / the UNSENT Christmas newsletter!!

2010 is not a year I will miss.

It was by far the most difficult year my husband and I have had since we've been married.

But I must admit we have grown closer as a family because of the hard things we've experienced together, and there isn't anyone I'd rather fumble through this life with!!

Instead of dwelling on the trials of our year I have been remembering some of the great things that happened for our family because there is always joy amidst the trials and I'd rather forget the bad!

Just a few of the good highlights of the year............

David: *released from bishopric at church after 8 years and 2 bishoprics (and only 1 month in between the 2). We love having him sit with us on Sunday!

*new calling (also at church)on the high council

*masters program coming to an end - so far straight A's

*gave birth to 8th baby in February

*taught 4th year of Summer Strings at Idaho State University

*played one semester with Idaho State Civic Symphony but decided not to take more time from family and quit for the time being.........but loved playing in the orchestra with Akayla and Corina for The Messiah!

Akayla (age 15 3/4):
*chosen as an All-American at the national clogging competition

*was a finalist in the Northwest piano competition and won a scholarship to a summer piano institute but chose to go to youth conference instead

*finished her young women in excellence & called as president of Mia Maids with Corina as her 2nd counselor

Corina (14):
*turned 14 and started attending stake dances

*started high school taking all honors classes and finished her first trimester with a 4.0 gpa

*chosen to play for visiting professional cellist at a master class with college students

*finished goal of reading every book we own including Jane Eyre, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the collected works of Shakespeare

Tanner (12):
*2nd year in middle school & straight A's

*auditioned and made it into Jazz Band with trombone

*is a first-class scout and is nearly finished with his Star rank

Adriana (10):
*straight A's in school

*started singing with Tavaci and LOVES it more than anything!

*received highest score possible for viola and piano at festival

Annalisa (almost 9):
*got baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

*got her ears peirced

*received a year's worth of gymnastics for Christmas

Mariah (6 3/4):
*started clogging and LOVES it - she clogs ALL the time!

*finally lost her 2 front teeth

*reads and writes on a very high level

Elora (3 1/2):
*loves to make pictures and write her name

*started going to primary a few weeks early and did much better there than in nursery

*sings and dances everywhere she goes (including public bathrooms)

Leandra (10 months):
*finally graduated from the army crawl

*walking around furniture

*best baby ever - always happy and so sweet!

Here's hoping that 2011 brings as many blessings!

Some of the things we are looking forward to in 2011:
*dad finishing his masters and having more time with us
*hopefully another baby
*finally saving enough to buy our motor home and take a trip to DisneyWorld (as long as baby plans don't interfere!)
*Akayla turning 16 (she's counting down the days and already has at least 12 dates lined up!)
*hopefully starting our new house
*Akayla and Corina finally getting their drivers licenses and having extra taxi drivers in the house
*Adriana leaving the Academy and going to Middle School (wearing regular clothes)
*turning another year older (the kids look forward to that, not me!)

The things that bring us the greatest joy are our family, our knowledge of the Savior and His plan for us, and our dear friends!!!


good things:
a new year
getting back into a good sleep schedule
my baby sleeping in so I can get some things done


Marley Family said...

What a great post! I loved hearing all the wonderful things that happened to your family this year! I hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family!

Bingham Family said...

You have such a wonderful family! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours! I'm glad we got to pop in on you.

Erin said...

What a year! I love reading your posts! I hope that you accomplish everything you desire in 2011 and that it's an awesome year for you!

Keith, Chimge, and Christopher said...


I do love reading your posts and I just think you have such an amazing family and absolutely gorgeous kids - not sure you should let your daughters start dating - guys might have to fight to date them - there is just not enough date nights in the week or a year. :-) And most importantly they are SOOO right on about what is important for them in their lives - just a testament to how OUTSTANDING mommy you are. I would like to grow up to be half as great as you are.

Since, we didn't do an official Christmas card and did a newsletter instead, I emailed it to you.