Monday, January 10, 2011

the Christmas post

I have yet another confession.....

When I read blogs that only have "professional" looking pictures and children that always look perfect I don't feel jealous.....nope, I feel annoyed.

I mean really - who gets up and makes sure all their kids have perfectly brushed hair on Christmas morning just so that the pictures look good?


I much prefer reading blogs of real families that have a realistic life.

So, some pictures/snapshots (not "professional" photos) of kids who don't have perfectly brushed hair on Christmas morning........

Lea's first Christmas

Mars & Anna


Adri & Elli

Akayla & Corina

We had a great Christmas! We kept things very simple and just enjoyed being together all day!

good things:

taking a nap Christmas afternoon

the big surprise my husband got for me (and watching a movie on it in our pajamas!)

putting away the Christmas decor


Erin said...

Love it! Even if it's not professional....hahaha!

Marley Family said...

I would show you our pic's of Christmas but I have no bra on........... ;)