Saturday, January 15, 2011

the New Years post

Jim & Amber kissing in the New Year....with Jacob

My parents came with my little sister Genelle (just graduated from high school in June) on New Years Eve.

They got here just in time for fonduing and for Genelle to get ready with the girls for the BIGGGGGG New Years Eve party that happens in Pocatello every year.

All (well not all, but they are all invited!) the LDS youth (and some non-LDS) in Pocatello get together and have pizza, treats, games, dancing, and all kinds of good clean fun!

Several of the girl's friends came over to have Akayla do their hair.
She's really quite the expert now!

Here they are right before the dance..........

Jordan, Alyssa

Genelle, Akayla & Corina

Fondue was fabulous as always.

I mean really - The Melting Pot has nothing on us!

We have our tried and true recipes, but we always try a few new things.

This year we dipped some of the meat and vegetables into egg and bread crumbs.


Some pictures of our frivolities......

Annalisa enjoying chocolate fondue
My mama helping to prepare food
My dad and Leandra
Mariah and Corina
David and Elora - and our classy serving trays after everything else was dirty! Polishing off the rest of the fruit!
My mom and dad bringing in the New Year

2 things I don't like about fonduing:

the messy kitchen and the smell the lingers for at least 2 weeks after!

Jim......being Jim!


My dad....I had to get a picture with his hair sticking up (hee hee!)

good things:

bringing in the New Year with my favorite people

the traditional kiss from my honey at midnight

one sip of sparkling grape juice - I really don't like the stuff!

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Heidi said...

Thanks for passing on the fondue tradition & tasty recipes to us. We've done it the past few years w/ our family and then head to bed by 10 to "sleep in" the new year :)