Thursday, March 3, 2011

green eggs & ham

Totally had this all written but didn't add the picture until today. It really needs to be in our family journal...
Yeah, I know it looks gross.

(Dave had to close his eyes to eat it

and Tanner just couldn't put it in his mouth....I think he skipped dinner)

It tasted great though!

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday our school did a family reading night.

We didn't attend for many reasons.

We did however make our own green eggs & ham (we decided to make the ham green too) dinner, and the kids and I sat around reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books while we ate our own milk & cookies (homemade....not the icky storebought cookies - sorry all you Academy people but our cookies were WAY better than yours!!).

Apparently a lot of people have issues with Dr. Seuss which I think is funny.
I have never read anything offensive written by Dr. Seuss.

The same people who have issues with Dr. Seuss DO NOT have issues with Mozart - and if you know anything about Mozart you know he wasn't exactly a man with the highest moral standards!

I think Sneetches is my favorite, but I sure got a good laugh from the stories Too Many Daves and What Was I Scared Of?




good things:

regular colored scrambled eggs

cold milk

hearing the rain gently fall on our roof while we slept

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